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nope, sorry.


the gameplay is odd but figurable, so you can still advance one way or another. basically, this means you can play the Jap version and still live with it :)


im looking for an ISO of this as well, i want to see those arts again (its been years since i last played and i didnt even finished this back then)

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i want to play it too, but there is no way i am playing it in japanese, hope someone translates it

i remember playing boy soccer team 2 on the nes, it was japanese and i finished it but it was in japanese, so i couldn´t understand a thing :) don´t wanna go through the same anymore

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when i was young i dont even give a crap if a game is in jap or not. i just play them. if frustrating, i play another but i dont really remember giving up on those games.


of course thats not the case nowadays :P

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