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King of Fighters 2003 News II


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Are you tired of the constant censoring? Looking for a place to discuss KOF2003 roms? Well,


come here to http://flash.to/theapocalypse/ Over here, we ONLY allow discussion that is


beneficial to getting KOF2k3 emulated. <_<



En espanol


¿Es usted cansado de la censura constante? ¿Buscar un lugar para discutir ROM KOF2003? Bien,


venido aquí a http://flash.to/theapocalypse/ aquí, permitimos SOLAMENTE la discusión que es


beneficioso a conseguir KOF2k3 emuló:lol:

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Hmmm... were those M and S roms that were linked to real? I can't dl them as it says file not found. But are they the real thing? If so, does that mean someone is leaking these files out? I sure hope that is the case...


As for the Razoola thing, it seems that he is claiming if the kof2k3 rom gets released, he will quit working on CPS2 and CPS3 emulation. A lot of people feel that he is just whining, mainly because


1.CPS3 emulation hasn't really had any groundbreaking developments, no one can play these games yet on their pcs emulated.

2.There really aren't any new games for CPS2, so who cares if he quits? We already have Street fighter games and vampire savior games among a slew of many others, so it won't kill anyone if he stops.

3. There aren't many CPS3 games to begin with, except the Street Fighter 3 series, Warzard, and Jojo. Considering the SF games can be played on Dreamcast, which is a ridiculously cheap system, I don't see what all the fuss over emulating it would be. people claim we have to choose: kof2k3, or CPS3 development. But honestly, which would you rather have? An emulated snk game that would cost absurd amounts of money to buy on an expensive and rare system, or a few games that can be easily bought for insanely low prices on a system that is only like $30? Hell, I'll take kof2k3, considering it's much harder to get access for.


And honestly, Razoola is a very egotistical person, in fact all of those whining about that kof2k3 rom getting released are. They act as tho they are the only people in the world smart enough to emulate CPS2 and CPS3 games. Geez, how overly arrogant can you get? "Hi, I'm Razoola, and I am the ONLY person in the world capable of emulating CPS3 because I am so brilliant and awesome; if you want CPS3, you better not release the rom, or else I'll biatch and moan and quit like a sissy."


sadly people at spanish forums seem to be kissing these guys asses, mainly because:

Not all CPS2 games have a spanish language mode apparently. So I guess this Razoola guy is the ONLY one capable of making spanish languages accessible for CPS2 games, thus spanish speaers in emu forums seem to think the world of emulation will end if everyone doesn't bend over and please poor Razoola.


In closing, Screw him and all of the other egomaniacs who want to keep this rom a hoarded secret. When I ever get my hands on this rom, I'll be laughing my ass off knowing Billyjr and all of the other idiots who act like elitists assholes everytime a new neogeo game gets dumped will no longer have any followers...


Because kof2k3 is the last game for the NEOGEO MVS BOARD! Have fun hoarding and acting like you're special because you have the rom! Cause once this thing gets released, no one will give a damn about Billyjr or his rom hoarding fellow emulation bastards... Why else d you think this rom is geting hoarded so much? because it signals the end of the Billyjr Rom Hoarding "I have the rom and you don't nya nya nya!!!" era of neo geo emulation... No more lamers like Sharim making up fake claims to having the rom and toying with people. No more of any of that nonsense at all. Ah, this is gonna be so sweet. getting and playing this rom will be like taking a nice long dump on all those rom hoarding elitist bastards faces... :)



And Razoola, if you happen to come here or this post gets quoted elsewhere and see this post somehow... GET OVER YOURSELF! You are not the opinnacle of emulation, you are not the only person in the entire world intelligent enough with he time and dedication to emulate CPS2 or add spanish language modes to games for CPS2. The kof2003 rom will come out whether you like it or not, so you can sit there and act like a whiny crybaby over this, or be a man, grow some balls, and just deal with it. The emulation scene doesn't need anymore whiny snotnosed punks like you bitching because someone will release a rom. No one cares about your lame idle threats. We all know you say you'll quit, then the second you feel your eliteness start to slip, you'll magically make a comeback and get everyone to love you again. So just cut the bull and stop crying about this rom getting released. If you won't help the emulation scene over something as silly as a rom getting released, then someone else will gladly take your place, and maybe even upstage you by doing a better job.


Oh and has anyone here bothered trying to see if that site really is a scam? It is rather fishy, but if anyone here doesn't mind taking the risk to see if the kof2k3 rom really is on that french site, go for it... At least if someone here gets it, they can share it with the world and end this lame madness....

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