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1 hour ago, zero800 said:

Sfz3mix updated to 0.31


Is there a changelog ? ;-) Am I the only one to have the problem with the tree in the ryu's stage then ?

For some reason I had put some code to forbid loading a cps1 with bad crcs which is not standard, normally a bad crc is a warning, not an error. No idea why I did that, this driver is very old, it was cps1 at the beginning ! It dates from 2013 when I backported the load_progress function from the standard version of raine to the dos version (allegro). There was probably a reason at the time to add that... !

Anyway this allows to load your update with a warning that's all. Maybe I'll update the crcs this time in the source but I won't do it all the time.

And what happened to the ogg files you were supposed to make with mer-curious ?

edit : anyway just switched to v0.31 in git, also the rom is downloaded from your official github page now which is much faster than internet archive. (and internet archive still has 0.30).

By the way all the nice save states from mer-curious are incompatible with this 0.31 apparently !

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Actually found another curious hack from the link given by mer-curious : https://rotary-bobble.mattgreer.dev/

some people thought about using a rotary control for puzzle bobble, when taito never did that for its 4+ games (4 major versions), afaik at least. So I was curious to emulate this to test with a mouse the result. It's not bad, but it's very similar to the precision you get when playing on keyboard ! The mouse becomes better in extreme situations when you need a 1 pixel precision...

Anyway I'll commit this to git in case somebody wants to test that, it was interesting anyway to revisit puzzle bobble this way. In case you have a memory card saved for this game, disable it because the part where the game asks about the memory card is not converted to the rotary control so it's just impossible to select an answer ! It's probably the bios which does this part. Just move pbobblen-neogeo.bin out of the savedata directory before starting the game.

Added the ips files with the dat file in the extras section of the downloads, but you need the git version to use the mouse with this game. (it detects when the ips patch is in use and switches automatically the control to the mouse).

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