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  1. Hello, Tux and mer-curious. i think i know the reason why the sfa3 reboots if the region is changed to japanese. But in my case, it is rebooted after selecting the ism. The reason is that this game does not included all languages in the rom. The sfa3.zip only have the english text, so when you changes the region and go to the part where texts are displayed (like the story introduction part after choosing the ism and the winner screen.), the game cannot load the text and reboot (unlike the phoenix edition which have empty text.). You can test it in the 2-players game where there is no story induction part and hence not reboots here but still reboots in the winner screen. (My script does not work when switching region, so press the start button to go to the 2-player game.) Therefore, i don’t recommend to switch region in this game, and so i made the script for both sfa3 and sfz3jr2. p.s. It is tested in 0.95.4b
  2. Script for Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3 (sfa3, sfz3jr2) It is already included in Raine 0.95.5c. I makes the script for the parent rom and a japanese rom because this game have missing text when switching region. Console mode script - the menu screen follows the ps2 style - all hidden modes are selectable in the menu Enable hidden characters - hold start on Bison and press any button for Final Bison - the music for Final Bison is playable on vs and training mode for other hidden characters, go to the ?box on the upper part: - hold start button for Barlog - hold up button for Juli - hold left button for 1p side or hold right button for 2p side for Juni
  3. Script for Super Street Fighter 2, 2X (turbo) and Hyper Street Fighter 2 (ssf2ud, ssf2xjd, ssf2xj, hsf2d) It is already included in Raine 0.95.5. But sorry that we forget to include the scripts for the parent roms, may be in the next version. Console Mode Script: - for Super Street Fighter 2 & 2x (turbo), the menu screen follow the 3DO style. Whereas for Hyper Street Fighter 2, the menu follows PS2 style. Enable Akuma/Gouki Script: (only for the Super Street Fighter 2x (turbo) & Hyper Street Fighter 2) - Press the three punch buttons together on Ryu to select. In VS and Training Mode, the Ryu's stage is for Akuma's stage, but with Akuma's theme. Select the same character Script: (only for Hyper Street Fighter 2 when both side select the SF2 mode) - Press coin button to select the character occupied or selected by the other side Alternative Character Select BGM Script: (only for the Super Street Fighter 2x (turbo) & Hyper Street Fighter 2) - either the classical character select bgm or the world warriors theme. You may not need this if using the sound association function.
  4. Update for X-men Children of Atom (Phoenix Edition, xmcotar1d.zip): - allows pressing start button to skip opening. - a new menu screen with sound effects which look like the ss/ps version. - option (test menu) is forced to show English regardless of region, and return to menu screen when leaving. - the auto-block selction is fixed (it was my fault when I change the way of chosing the background in the old version.) - add the ability to memorize previous fight characters in vs & training mode. If you play as boss, it will load the characters where you press down button to select the boss. This script already included in the new version of Raine (0.95.4). Thank you Tux for enhacing the script system, it uses much less cpu resource now (obvious in the new type of menu screen in my console mode scripts). And, I can make more complex script i the future.
  5. Happy to hear that you find the way to modify the for loop function which make is so fast now. But there is problem in compiling (check pm), I will test it afterward. For xmcotar1d, it was a script made in early Feb, there was many new skills not used in that time (like press start button to skip the opening). But the good news is, there will be a update very soon. P.S. The following script should not break anything, it just removes text. script "Remove 'Press Start' text"on: for counter=0 counter<=$C0 counter=counter+8 poke $924005+counter $00
  6. Hello, Tux. Sorry that I make a typing mistake in my previous post which cause a misunderstanding. I update my message as follows: When I change your script to the following, it DOES NOT work after reset. (if the script extecutes in the 1st run) script "test 2 alt" run: poke $FF4BE1 $F3 poke $FF26AD $71 for counter=0 counter<=$2ac counter=counter+4 dpoke $90c090+counter $6000
  7. Console mode script for the three CPS1 Street Fighter II titles: (Each title contains a script for parent rom and one for a japanese rom.) - the title/menu screen adds the opening music, with the sound effect when switching modes. (This is the first time I try the music staff on cps1 game, so it requires more test for bug.) - the airplane sprite is used to indicate the mode selected. (Again, it is my first time to try the sprite stuff. I don't know why the sprite keeps flashing.) - just like the beta script for sf2.txt, you can press the left/right button on the menu screen to change the difficulty. After some test, I think it works as intended. (Remember: you can still set the default difficulty in the dip switch. To save the setting of dip switch, quit Raine in the menu after setting.)(I hate using the dip switch for setting because it is only work in the very beginning of the start up.) Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uXibhoWlKeQdgQANHBYPMUXtBS5Muad3/view?usp=share_link Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vxh5cEskfAuufEwWHJvm3oWgE26SkPvc/view?usp=share_link
  8. If you want to test the for loop function, you may try the following script on x-men. It should enable on the title screen to remove the Press Start text. script "Remove 'Press Start' text" on: for counter=0 counter<=$C0 counter=counter+8 poke $924005+counter $00
  9. When I change your script to the following, it would work after reset. script "test 2 alt" run: poke $FF4BE1 $F3 poke $FF26AD $71 for counter=0 counter<=$2ac counter=counter+4 dpoke $90c090+counter $6000
  10. Ok, tested again. The script (on: script) should keep working even reset. But since I change the script to run:, so I have the problem when reset.
  11. Work as intended, thank you for fixing it. Edit: I change the test 2 script from on: to run:, it still run effectively and not affect misc % a lot. Edit2: The self-defined variable does not restore to zero when software reset. So, the script may not work after reset, provided that the script is executed before reset.
  12. In my first post (with 3 test), the test2, and test3 fail. But the first test script success, you should see the gauntlet remove very slowly (and the script must be started at the tite screen, maybe you start the script eariler so you can't see the effect.)
  13. Sorry, it seems you have some misunderstanding here. My goal is to remove the gauntlet. If the gauntlet still here, it means the address $90C090, $90C094 are NOT equal to $6000. By the way, I found a simple way to remove the gauntlet by moving it out of the screen. You may test the for loop in other area, thank you very much for your help and the adding of the new function.
  14. Sorry, still not work. May be I wait for the new public version of raine and try later.
  15. I just copy and paste the script you provided above. I can execute the script without warning (so it proves that my Raine is updated through git, unlike that there is warning in the old version). However, it seems that the for loop part of the script does not work. After executed, the gauntlet remains on the screen. Then I use the peek function in the console to test the adress $90C090, $90C094..., and it shows that their value are not changed.
  16. Updated in git and have copied and pasted the script to my txt file, but it doesn't work. Also, since it is now become on instead of run, is that means it cannot be part of my console mode script which is run?
  17. Hello Tux, I need some help on the script function. I am trying a script to poke values into multipy addresses with regular interval: that is, $90C090, $90C094, 90C098... $90C338, each with a interval of $04. The game I perform the test is Marvel Super Heroes (mshud.zip). The objective is to remove the backgound object on the title screen (the gauntlet). Here is my script: (just focus on the if-endif part, the script is enabled on the title screen) script "test" run: #Shift background# poke $FF4BE1 $F3 poke $FF26AD $71 #Remove gauntlet# if dpeek($FF1020)<=$02AC dpoke $90C090+dpeek($FF1020) $6000 dpoke $FF1020 dpeek($FF1020)+$0004 endif Although it can remove the background, it is super inefficient. (The gauntlet is removed slowly). Then I try to add a variable for $FF1020 (which I use for the purpose of a counter), but the game alway crash. (The following two tests) script "test 2" run: poke $FF4BE1 $F3 poke $FF26AD $71 counter=dpeek($FF1020) if counter<=$02AC dpoke $90C090+counter $6000 dpoke counter counter+$0004 endif script "test 3" run: mode=peek($FF1000) Please advise. Thank you for your kind attention.
  18. Hello, Tux, I make a variable for $FF000 called "mode" as we have discussed previosuly. Although there is no obvious improvement, I change it for sfad and sfz2ald, as it is rather easy. There are also some minor changes: sfad: - bug fix when returning from option - some color change for menu text sfz2ald: - some change in the stop flashing part. (in the old version, when the sceen flashs and turns white, during this, if the stop flashing function executes, the screen will remain white all the time.) Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12inVaHnm0aJGAeLSLbarpfNFdjAEP-ho/view?usp=share_link Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IptRNGbai_rOv0PdlGwM3BZwXq2DF6yf/view?usp=share_link
  19. I will test it tmr. Except this part, there is a lot need to be rewritten on each game, because there are so many new technique in this week.
  20. I think i understand the reason of setting a variable instead of repeating using the peek. The $ff0000 is actually represented the mode selected, so it may be named as ‘mode’. It affects whether the vs mode script, training mode script… enable or not. All of my scripts have this part written in the same way. I think i have to re-write all of my scripts partially (including the part for up/down buttons pressed in the menu screen) which is quite a big project, as i almost finish all the script for the cps fighting games…
  21. Update for Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha Phoenix Edition (sfz2ald.zip): - includes a new menu screen that look like the ss/ps version with sound effect which is similar to my previous script for sfad.zip (Again, thank you for the technical support from Tux for the sound effect part) - add the option in menu, which is the test service. Unlike entering by pressing u buttion, it is forced to show Engligh text regardless of region, and returning to menu screen when leaving. - can press start to start game in the opening. - the Dramatic Battle Mode is enhanced: Human player can select all Ex characters including the SF2 version. And the CPU partner can select Evil Ryu and Shin Akuma. (Capcom didn't develop the ai for the sf2 version characters) - the "Stop flashing on title screen" script is fixed. (It is NOT needed on menu screen.) Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-K1ij0lxQVYTKV9NPDvahn5E_rr6mqRM/view?usp=share_link Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dJfwQlwqRDi1Vfn8YVBWjdfzKB5FT_lo/view?usp=share_link
  22. It is good to know that some rams are shared by different cpus, as i remember that there are many rams that seems nothing happen when i change a value. Eg: in sfad, $ff805c, which is related to the test service button. It is =$02 when the test service (u) button is pressed. When i manually poke $02 to it, nth happened. Later, i found out that there are some instructions to write value to it from the data registry. So, i remove all the instructions of it temporarily and following that, use poke $ff805c $02 can enter the menu (as in the option mode script). (In x men, the situation is simpler, i can directly poke the ram for test service button, so it is the first game I include the ‘option mode’.) I don’t know if it is the correct method to hack. But in my newer scripts, i alway use this method when there is ram i want to change value but not ok.
  23. At first, i wrongly perceived the $618000, $618002… as unwrittable (since they return to $ff immediately after i change the value). But now i know that to see the effect of changing value, the 3 address should be poke together… And thank you for telling me that both $618000($618001) and $618002($618003) are both related to the sound code. I hope this technique can use on all cps games.
  24. Finally find a way to play any music or sound effect without rom hack, so it will not affect the music or sound effect that are playing. Here is the test script: script "music test2" run: if peek($FF8050)>$00 #When a button is pressed# poke $618001 $00 poke $618003 $F8 #set music code# poke $61801F $00 endif And here is the more updated sfad.txt with the latest method: (EDITED AGAIN) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z-todk1qykH41S_B6am18pOUFroYh6Hm/view?usp=share_link Here are the area with added sound effect: 1. Pressing start in the title screen, 2. Pressing up/down on menu screen, 3. Pressing punch/kick button on menu screen, 4. Pressing down on the ?box after enable the bosses script. But I totally don't know what the ram address resprsent, except $618003. And I cannot write thing into $618000 and other addresses which always =$FF. Anyway, this method works without sideeffect. Now, the street fighter alpha phoenix edition script is the most advanced script out of my work which is most console-liked.
  25. Hello, Tux, thank you very much for your information. Although I am not very understand, I can finally add the sound effect (but only in the case of no other music or sound effect). After knowing the region $618000 is for music/sound, it helps a lot. At first, I found that changing the value in the region $618000 do not have any effect (I don't know if i have anything done wrong). But I found that $618003 is for the sound code of the music or sound effect. So, I try to remove the instruction (rom hack) that write value into this adress, and put in the value of the sound code of the sound effect that I want. The next problem is, only writing a value to $618003 is not enough, it cannot trigger the sound. Luckily, I remember that setting the $FF817B to $01 can produce the coin sound. Since I set the sound code on $618003 in advance, the coin sound becomes other sound. Here is a short script for my test: script "Sound command test" run: lpoke $12B84 $00000000 #Disable sound command# lpoke $12B88 $00000000 if peek($FF8050)>$00 #When a button is pressed# poke $618003 $F8 #Set sound code# poke $FF817B $01 #Originally for producing coin sound# endif And here is the updated sfad.txt: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16kFgGdtZGKr7bQn8Qjnj7rCiGM-cjeKO/view?usp=share_link (edit: after uploaded, i find that the sound effect for game start is wrong, I may update again later. But please have a look on it first.) There are still room for improvement as this method prevent the playing of the original background music and sound effect (and so, it can only use in menu or title screen). But once again, thank you very much for your help, Tux.
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