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MESS64, MESSUI64, MAMEUI64 0.220 released


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MESS, MESSUI and MAMEUI 0.220 are released.






- The suffixes ".chd" and ".wav" are appended to the filenames of CHDs and Samples in the Audit dialog.

- In MESS/MESSUI, this month's changes to the avr8 cpu were rolled back because of bugs. This action keep uzebox emulation working.



If you wish to make available 32-bit versions of the above, please post the links here. Also please indicate if your builds work on XP.


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I posted something here, but turns out it was in the wrong section, im moving that to the Arcade64 one.

I remember in 1 update when they fixed the Intec Interact consoles because i first saw it from ProJared and i wanted to play them.

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Posted in wrong section, said something else.
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