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  1. dany777

    ARCADE 0.232

    I tried that and for the most part, it does the job, however, if i move the mouse too fast, it stops getting locked. I also tested this again in the original Mame and if i move the mouse too fast, it might show it goes outside but it goes back to the center. Let's just say that it semi-fixes it, still im fine with that.
  2. dany777

    ARCADE 0.232

    It's been a long time since i haven't said anything.. I dont know if i said this before but still, when im in Window mode + using the mouse input, the mouse doesn't get locked inside the Arcade window like Mame did. If i remember, there was also alot of old versions of Arcade that was having this as well, will this be fixed?
  3. There is another thing i have noticed with Arcade compared to the official MAME. When i enable the mouse input for the games, in the official MAME, in window mode, the mouse seems to be locked inside the window as is how is suposted to be. However, in Arcade, the mouse can get outside the game window, making it trying to click outside the game window will loose the focus from the game, the only way to proper do that its by playing in Fullscreen but i prefer playing in Window mode. Is that a problem that needs to be fixed or is there an option to enable to lock the mouse inside the game window? This also happens, going a bit off-topic, with MameUI
  4. My problem with games running zr107: Jet Wave, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 and Winding Heat are still present in this version, they all get a massive lag at the "Machine Initialize" that it can get always stuck but you can somehow still quit.
  5. Jet Wave still doesnt work for me in Arcade 0.220 still does my same issue of massive lag at the Machine Initialize screen + this will still happen to all games running zr107
  6. I think i found a problem with Arcade64 compared to the original MAME. If i remember, games running with the source zr107 the emulator will have a massive lag that looks like its frozen but just runs very, very slow during the initializing screens. Games running zr107 are: Jet Wave, Midnight Run: Road Fighter 2 and Winding Heat. Pretty sure it also goes for the clones as well because i also tried some of them.
  7. I posted something here, but turns out it was in the wrong section, im moving that to the Arcade64 one. I remember in 1 update when they fixed the Intec Interact consoles because i first saw it from ProJared and i wanted to play them.
  8. dany777

    ARCADE 0.198

    Now what about the what i said about the mouse is no longer locked and i can get it outside from the games? This might be a problem if you use the mouse for shooter games with a lightgun.
  9. dany777

    ARCADE 0.198

    I dont know what happened here but the mouse is no longer locked and i can get it outside from the games, also, i can no longer link Virtua Racing/Formula with 2 PCs or 2 emulators on the same PC. Everytime i set the Link type to Master, Slave or Live, when i exit it always goes "CANCELLED"
  10. dany777

    ARCADE 0.196

    Im glad to see this update improves the Sega Model 2 games
  11. From the past weeks i tried to play Mame/Arcade using my Steam controller, but it always crashes. But then, i discovered a way to fix it so you can finally play Mame/Arcade with the Steam Controller without crashing the emulator. I made a video how to + i was testing Smash T.V and Ace Driver: Racing Evolution https://youtu.be/EIQbnxoRiBM
  12. dany777

    ARCADE 0.195

    When i saw on Mameinfo this line: Hook up ES5510 effects DSP, i tried Riding Fight to see if the sounds is updated... however, when it tried loading the audio chip, it crashes Arcade and i keep trying over and over
  13. dany777

    ARCADE 0.192

    Im glad they finally fixed the rotation and zooming in the Namco Classics Collection Vol. 1 and 2. Thanks for this update, but i already got the latest version before you posted this.
  14. dany777

    ARCADE 0.190

    Ow. Oh well, at least thanks for telling me
  15. dany777

    ARCADE 0.190

    Is ok if i have to re-scan all my roms, GJ with the new version. Also, i see the Tourvision in the BIOS folder, but i dont see the Tourvision games when i extend the list from the left.
  16. dany777

    ARCADE 0.189

    Ah, thanks for telling me, ecept on the current Arcade version 0.189 there is no "Tourvision" section on the BIOS folder
  17. dany777

    ARCADE 0.189

    Its been alot since i dont go in the 1emulation forums. Its nice to have a new Arcade version finally, but i think i have sayed this before but i forgot: The tourvision games are missing
  18. dany777

    ARCADE 0.187

    I was gone to my vacations for 10 days, im glad to see after i came back, there is a new update for Arcade
  19. dany777

    ARCADE 0.185

    I think you didint readed the problem i said, so im goin to say it again
  20. So first we had Outrun Enhanced, and now we can get After Burner 2 Enhanced, this is goin to be nice
  21. dany777

    ARCADE 0.185

    There is a problem that keeps happening to me Yesterday i got a Steam Controller, so i decided to try Arcade with it, so i need to go in Big Picture mode to make the controller works, but everytime i try to start a game, the emulator crashes, i tried different video modes but that didint worked
  22. dany777

    ARCADE 0.183

    Excelent, this new update as i saw from Mameinfo got some attention to me with some updates. Now i gotta find the rom for Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighter
  23. dany777

    ARCADE 0.182

    It feels like the audio is catching what is delayed and stuff, its something different, but im kinda not used to that. Sorry, im still sticking with the "Auto" option, it feels kinda like that XAudio thing and you put the minimun sound delayed and boom
  24. dany777

    ARCADE 0.182

    I saw on the MASH's MAMEINFO website that the version 0.182 is goin to be like a "Big" one I just got 1 little question: What is that "PortAudio" thing?
  25. dany777

    ARCADE 0.181

    Ops, i barely go to this page, sorry for the late reply Well, i was still fine without that fix, is just i like more the fixed stuff, but yes
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