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Raine + DOS = bad sound


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Ok tux, thanks a lot, the options are working perfect now, sengoku 2 now is 60fps all time :)


Great work!



About the GUI, i love the one from DOS and early windows version, is amazing, from the old good times, genecyst, neoragex, zsnes... ahh... i miss

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I like its style, it was drawn by Antiriad by the way, it's based on the default allegro style but with some improvements.

But it's really absolutely horrible to program !


Anyway glad everything works now ! :)

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Hi tux, a small question


the disable_irq1 option in neocd is not possible to save per game no?



I tried to put this lines in games.cfg.. for example




disable_irq1 = 1



But no luck, only video modes are restored, or im doing something incorrect?



Oh by the way, i tested a lot of games.. incredible!!!! incredible!!! raine in DOS is amazing... thanks a lot, for all your great work




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I had not thought about making it a per-game setting, good idea in your case of course, I'll have to have a look.

By the way I think you probably have the bug found by the guy in the 0.64.8 thread (not tested yet), try to launch cybots for example, it should freeze at start.

I'll post an update later then...

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