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  1. Hi. Could you compile Raine to 64 bit version of Windows 7? I use Raine 32 but changs after I change a game (no audio and freeze). Windows 7 64 home premium. I7 4790k and ssd disk + hard drive 2 tb.
  2. I have found some problems with few games on the latest Raine version (0.64.10) Ninja Kids (ninjak) - background graphic missing. Operation Wolf (opwolf) - problem with repeat sound after mission P.S. - It's possible to add samples for some games, like: Vimana ??
  3. I have FX 9590 and GTX 650 and I have always 60 fps fullspeed and games running as like hell. Keropi stop send your annoying posts and don't waste TUX time anymore. ok. Buy new pc and your problems will be resolved.
  4. theelf, buy new pc then resolve your problem with sound and speed issue. Don't use this old stuff anymore on present day and don't waste TUX time.
  5. Ok, thanks for fix, I will tested another CPS games when I have more free time. Best regards.
  6. Some CPS 2 games don't work with the new version of Raine 0.64.7 like: Cyberbots : Fullmetall Madness (Euro 950424) (cybots) - Object RAM NG Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Euro 940705) (dstlk) - RAM ERROR, Aliens vs. Predator (USA 940520) (avspu) -game won't run - CPU M68000 and Z80 reset, black screen
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