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Raine + DOS = bad sound


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How did you get this s68000.a file ? Normally it's a s68000.oa file that you should get !

You can generate it manually if you want, for the optimized build it should be

nasm -o dos/object/68000/s68000.oa -f coff -O1 -D__RAINE__ -DRAINE_DOS dos/object/68000/s68000.asm


But anyway the makefile shouldn't even use any s68000.a file in its link unless you edited it, which you probably did ?


but you really have to be motivated to use a dos environment for that you can't even copy/paste from real dos !

Since you didn't reply about my proposed test builds, I guess you want to succeed in a pure dos environment ?

Well good luck then ! (quite impressive !)

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Tux, sorry, yes of course, i want your test builds, and i want to do in right way, and help you (if i can) to find the sound problem





I just like dos, and enjoy working in my old computer.... and i love plain edit from dos! jeje, no need to copy paste, just edit



Anyways, finally i succeded!!! :msntongue: I had to change some (a lot) C files, they have some calls to SDL functions, and other stuff that give me error, but now i have a working 0.51.0 raine.exe using djgpp in real dos.. I tested and works good, at least seems nothing broken...











Now is time to compile 0.6 and test, but sadly tomorrow i have a lot of work... hope i can work a little at least


Greetings, thanks for help

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From memory 0.51.0 was clean and had no reference to sdl when building for dos, but anyway...

I wanted to try to build 0.51.5 and 0.51.6 because 0.51.6 is at the beginning of the git repository, and there is a patch I would have liked to check just before that, but the sources are not available, so it would be messy to build them.

Then I realized that even 0.51.0 is much slower than 0.28 in dos when sound is enabled ! That's obviously because we switched to allegro sound in later versions which is much more stable than seal, but also clearly slower.

So I decided to try to rebuild a 0.64.6 version based on seal. It was tricky, in dosbox it works only once, after that it doesn't detect the soundcard anymore and I have to relaunch dosbox to make it work ! Also the sound initialization is slower which makes the sound bad when the game starts but after that it seems ok and it's definitely faster.

So try it, it's on the main download page there : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html


If you can't initialize your soundcard with it I would advice to reset the machine and then launch raine again, it's probably the equivalent of restarting dosbox !

Good luck !


(if it doesn't work I might find some other ideas...).

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Hi tux!


Sadly no sound at all


If i load a neogeo game, i get a "Z80 error" thats all



I tried with 4 sound cards


1 - Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA

2 - Sound Blaster Pro 2

3 - Sound Blaster 16 ISA no pnp

4 - SB16 compatible yamaha



I reset the PC several times, erase raine.cfg, etc etc, but after load a rom, raine change to "no sound card"



Just in case i tested in my laptop too, is a Pentium 200mmx with a SBpro clone, and same problem



Sorry, thanks for all

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Impressive your collection of old hardware ! I happen to have an old laptop from 2007, but compared to yours it's ultra modern ! ;-)

Ok, worst than what I thought then, I'll take another look later.

Weather was supposed to becomes much less hot today, and I am still feeling like I am living in Panama !

Anyway... Thanks for all this testing at least, too bad it didn't work !

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Now im in barcelona, and here is hot today, but yesterday was much worst. But anyways, not very different from last year


I was living in Egipt in 2009, and after that, i dont feel the hot anymore jaja




2007? this is too new, even my main desktop PC is older, is a USFF Dell from 2005, Pentium 4 3.4ghz


I just installed XP x64 last year because I add 4gb of ram (is cheap now), and thats all, for next 4 or 5 years I will not think in upgrade. When i bought this Dell in 2009, was to upgrade my Pentium3.. jaja, i use the P3 until 2009




I have a small collection of old PC hardware, I keep at least one card of each brand, like Creative, GUS, Turtle beach in audio, Tseng, S3, CL, Trident in video, etc and CPU+motherboard from XT to Pentium II


About laptop, i have maybe 30?¿ 40? i need to check the warehouse, from XT to Pentium 1 mmx. Specially i like toshiba ones. I always have this on the table for test DOS stuff.. 486DX50 to Pentium 200mmx








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Impressive collection for sure !

Well I guess I can always travel to Barcelona to fix all this, it's not that far (let's wait until it's less hot !).

But there is still hope !


Here is another test, 2 exes in 1 archive : an updated 0.64.7 one still with seal which should initialize its sound and keep it much more easily. I advice running it without game first just to initialize the sound, then quit, then load a game with it for extra safety. After that use it normally, assuming you heard something. By the way the mixer is very low with this, there is a way to fix that, but make it work 1st and fixing the mixer will be easy.

And Raine517.exe which is a normal 0.51.7 with allegro sound in it, just to compare what you currently have, does it work the same ?


Good testing, here is the link : http://raine.1emulation.com/archive/rained.7z


EDIT : I have not such a fascination for this kind of old hardware. I preferred when computer didn't contain any fan though (the time of the atari st, the amiga, the amstrad). It can be done with some embedded computers today, arduino like, but it's not the same, and you have to make it yourself. And I agree the old toshiba laptops were excellent quality and made to last, far from what you get now.

For the hardware, I also have an athlon64 so not a super powerful cpu but better than a p4 though ! The bigest advantage is that it has 4 cores, which is extremely convenient for compiling (make -j4 launches 4 compilations in parrallel, it makes things incomparably faster !). It had 4 Gb of ram until recently because even in win64 most programs being 32 bits it doesn't make sense to use more than 4 Gb. But lately I tested a lot of skyrim mods and there is a very bad handling of textures, they are clearly kept in ram even after they have been transferred to the video card, so I reached the limit of both my 4 Gb of ram and the video ram of my card. So I updated both because indeed all this stuff is very cheap now. Having 8 Gb feels like having some kind of super computer, but it makes a real difference for this kind of usage and it's very nice to use.

And for the rest I use it mainly in linux when I am not busy testing stupid mods in skyrim, and here the extra ram can always been used, at least for a super giant disk cache !

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Hi! thanks! you are welcome to barcelona any time! i live 6 months/year in Barcelona



Ok, here is the news



Raine.exe 0.64.7 ... works!! ohhhh!!! neogeo without any sound problems!!


Like you say mixer is very low, and only sound blaster works, NO AWE32, i think thats mean, only 8bits audio, no 16bits

If i select AWE32, is like SB16, i get a horrible noise, nothing else, but games work



raine517.exe this build have sound, but with the sound problem



You work is great!! the raine 0.64.7 only need proper SB16 sound, and i think can be a definitive build. Anyways, i will test more, i just test with CPS1, CPS2 and neogeo games




About hardware, im a big fan of noiseless computers too, i have a small collection of computers from 80s/90s, C64, Spectrum, Amiga 500/1200, ZX, and japaneses ones, PC88, PC98, x68k... good machines


In my house all computers are fanless, even the Pentium 4, dont have any fan, just a big piece of aluminium :) and no hard disk anymore, in the P4, a SSD, and in Celeron 366 a 32GB CF card



mmm... linux... i like the kernel, I really dont like much all the graphical system. I like fvwm2 but most apps are or gtk or kde, very bloated



I worked in UltraSparc Workstation back in 90s, using SunOS 4.x, and i really love sunos and the new child, solaris. CDE is "the" GUI



I was doing some jobs in late 90s for a company called Amadeus, because some airlines/travel agencies was migrating the software from OS/2 3.x and Warp (i really love the ibm os) to NT4, when i developed a new love.... the NT based systems


Since lates 90s, my main OS is any kind of NT based windows, until XP x64 that im using now




Oh man, better to stop talking, too much memories from past jaja

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Oh no there is still a lot of diversity in linux ! I'd say the biggest problem we had lately was rather the fundamentalists who tried to make everyone to use systemd, like it or not.

I had to migrate to gentoo because of this (because they actually almost succeeded, almost every distribution obliges its users to use systemd, including debian ! it's the biggest problem, it changes so many things in the system that you can't just uninstall it with a normal distribution). for my main computer, I keep the old laptop on debian testing, and it still has issues with systemd, it's usable though, but I prefer to stay away from it !

And for the graphical env, lxde on the laptop which is light and fast for old laptops, and enlightenment 0.19 on the main computer, which is still in dev, but anyway I like it. It's like lxde but nicer. It still has a few issues though but nothing major. And its terminal, terminology is really good !


Good news for 0.64.7 finally !

I think the soundblaster driver includes the soundblaster 16 too, I'll have to check that in the docs but I am almost certain of it, don't worry raine is very bad at generating 8 bits samples it couldn't possibly work, it's obliged the samples are 16 bits here.

I'll check the old docs and the old source about how to restore the mixer and I'll make a new build, but tomorrow now (23:33 here, and it's still more than warm !).

In your tests, could you test bubble bobble ? I made some rather experimental changes lately on this one, on the concept of the game which never slows down, but I might have pushed it a little too far, just check how it runs on a slow machine...


Happy !

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mm... systemd, yes I know a little, the other day some friends was talking about this, i had no idea of what they were talking jaja, finally they say "do one thing, and do well" and I understand why they was complaining.. jaja


Is very fun, every 3 month, i meet this guys because of work, all of them are "linux guys" specially one guy, is very radical about not using no free software.... and im the only one that use windows


Sometimes i say "baa.. windows is better" jaja, and they change from normal human, to some kind of neardenthal :rofl:




Ok back to raine,


I just tested bubble bobble, and i played for 10minutes, no problems at all, of course, i did not play much, just a couple of levels. The speed is perfect




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