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Rapidshare closing down 31st of March

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Rapidshare was once a big file sharer, but after being accused of promoting piracy they took measures to prevent that. As a consequence they lost their customers, and had to fire 13 of the 14 staff. Now it has come to an end. On March 31st, the site will close down, and all files will be deleted.


If anyone stores anything important there, now would be a good time to retrieve it. Also you might want to remove your account and any other traces of your presence. They say it will all be deleted, but these days who can know what will really happen to your personal info?



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Their closure is actually a good thing when you think about it. 'Incriminating' tracks disappear, and replication/link rotation is encouraged, especially to private lockers and torrents.

It's even profitable for lockers to close, since they get rid of a lot of maintainance burden and can restart again under other brands (not necessarily only one) with very little overhead and a much higher concentration of paid accounts.

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Megaupload has resurfaced as MEGA and is the only filesharing site that gives me decent download speeds other than torrents. The rest are all throttled down unless you pay.


Very true. Well, it's not the only one. 4shared and ge.tt give nice speeds as well.

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