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My dad got drunk and smashed my PC up.

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It happened about 4 or 5 weeks ago and i am having to live with my sister and it sucks.

The graphics card an HD6850 is wasted, my main drive is looking broke, dvd drive wasted, and my power supply unit has a dent in it but im not sure if thats broke.


Anyway before he smashed it up he loaned me £180 the damage to my pc is over £300, easily.

tahts if the motherboard even works as i am unable to get a hold of my rig to test.


Anyway i told my old man he can forget about that 180 bucks i owe him till he fixes my PC THEN i will pay him what I owe, I think thats fair considering his shitty drinking habit ended up helping me be homeless. I only just got my work tools together and i have to go on a refresher course to get up to speed so im relying on benefits/social security at the moment.


Im glad i left that house.


Do you think im being unreasonable?

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Ya Paul he should own up to his mistakes and pay the price for them. Hold to your principles. It may seem like it is damaging your relationship with your father but in the end if he is any kind of father he will know he was in the wrong. Just my 2 cents.

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Cheers lads.

I had it for three months off him when i moved back home, does a good deed then acts like he owns me.

Im no angel with the beer but i dont go smashing his car or HDTV up when i get pissed off or picking arguments.

I had so much going on, my monies stopped, my ex stopped me seeing my son (will be another month before i see him) but instead of helping like a father should (not saying he has to) i just got his crappy drunken behaviour.


its shit, but im cutting ties till his perception and treatement of me changes.

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