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What next generation console will you purchase?


Next Generation Console  

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I won't be buying one for a while yet as I feel my PS3 still has plenty of life left in it. I will most likely stick with Sony though for the future.


Likewise, PS3 is an amazing console once you hack it :lol: ... Why do I get the feeling it will take more than a decade to hack the PS4?

I also hope most of the PS4 games for the first few years also come out on the PS3. It would suck if it weren't the case.


Read my gripes about the PS4 and 720 here.

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This is a tough one for me. Even though it was late, I ended up buying all of them over this last generation. The 360 is the console I probably use the least since it doesn't really have any exclusives I want or any compelling features. There may be a Wii U and Vita in my future (with a price drop plus one or two compelling games) and probably a PS4 at some point. The next Xbox though, I'm not so sure. It's pretty much a mystery right now but considering how the last generation went I could see skipping out on it.

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PC all the way.


They would have to bring out some amazing games for me to pay that much cash.

There wont be any AAA titles, games are getting worse.

My first PS3 was pure luck, it was the old school model.

My old neighbour had lost his job and was on his ass I didn't offer he just asked if I wanted to buy it at a cheap price, so i got it for around £130.

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If any it would be the PS4. Not happy with Microsoft and the shit they are trying to pull. But most likely I will not buy any just stick with my pc. Maybe upgrade to a better VID Card.

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I'll likely get the PS4 first. What I've seen so far of it is pretty appealing. I'm eagerly awaiting the next Xbox reveal conference. I'm sure it's going to be an interesting device and will stand up to the PS4 quite well but I just hope it doesn't require Kinect to be connected at all times or require a constant internet connection to play games as the current rumors are going.

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