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NBA Jam-X (New snes prototype release)


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NESplayer has just released today a protoype of nba-jam for the snes but this one is a different.


full article about this release.



Nintendo Player has featured its fair share of wild prototypes in the past, but none have been as outrageous as this: a vulgar, uncensored version of the Super Nintendo classic, NBA Jam. This prototype has to be seen (or, rather, heard) to be believed.

Check out the full article for all of the trash talk and then watch the NSFW video on YouTube!


video of newly released prototype.



thanks go to nesplayer for this release.




1 link download,including mirrorlinks.






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Thanks Fu.


While I'm here, I tried the last nba jam you posted (the 32x one), couldn't get it to work. Could hear stuff going on, but screen was blank. Did I miss some trick here?


Edit: Oh, it was on neogenesis v25 I think, if that matters.

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