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Final Burn Legends 1.666

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Fantastic - and thanks so much for implementing analog controls!

I forgot to mention it in the changelog but you can now control the throttle in After Burner using the L & R triggers.


Source is now up.

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i don't see a parent for afterburner & 99war

aburner is a clone of aburner2. 99war is a clone of repulse.


not asking for anything know its against the rules :lol: but guwange special version is no where to be found is this a mame rom or something else??

guwanges is a part of MAME 0.143u9. I added this set as an extra before FB Alpha was released with official support for it and the other 0.143u9 ROMsets.


Is it just me, or does navigating the rom browser seem incredibly slow?

Try centering your thumbsticks.

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luvin this +T+ zombie raid n operation thunderbolt plus dip options for the cave pgm shumps


think i got off lightly with the rom changes cos im not running a full set only have to sort 6 of em

but need to report a couple of rom issues


1) bonks adventure wont load no on screen message just get bounced out back to main menu

2) super chase criminal termination gives me a final burn legends encountered a problem message press any button to continue

then when i press any button get bounced out to main menu

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