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  1. Any update on nintendo 64 gaming on pc? Would love to play some old classics again, Lost my old 64 in a break up a long time ago
  2. easy fella i was kidding but its the roms you do not own you cannot ask for (ask someone to PM you a link ), its ok to talk about the emus with illegal bios files like the ones used for neogeo (just kiddin) I dont even know if they use the bios files its just a guess... i just play the games I can tell you *snip* has all you need google is your friend thanks lol
  3. sorry guys so we can talk about the emulators but not where to download it?
  4. which one would you recommend as it seems i need to sign up to them and i dont want to have to sign up to all 3 lol Thanks for the quick reply
  5. hey guys new to xbox emulators Just managed to buy a 160GB xbox with XMBC for $50 bucks in Australia Just wondering where I can get this emulator an all the games like a complete set download?
  6. Looking to get this working on the xbox. Is there a gamelist of what comes with this of anything i can read?
  7. Hi all, I have managed to buy an clean up a street fighter 2 lowboy arcade cabinet, Which has a stripped CRT tv inside of it. An for the controls it has a stripped X-arcade with the adapters to hook up either a xbox, PS2, Dreamcast. Now i was reading here about Coinops an things like that. Could someone point me in the right direction on a download an good instruction guide? Im open to using any other programs an things like that just looking for a way to have a bunch of games running of the xbox. PS the xbox is chipped not sure what program its running. Will post picutres if anyone wants to see it when its done
  8. If i download the R2 standalone pack. Then i will be up to date with everything? Also is there a list of the games this offers? i would like to read it while at work Thanks
  9. Hi all very new to this. I bought a xbox off a mate which has a old version of mamedox which isnt even complete etc... I was linked to this website and was wondering what i have to download to put this on my xbox? Was version is best to get or should i wait till theres a full release? Very new to this and sorry if this has been covered But I would love to have this running in my xbox connected with my xarcade to the cabinet
  10. are we allowed to speak about roms for it and stuff on the forum? if so ill download the R7 emulator, where would i grab the roms in one big pack?
  11. Hi all first post, I must say that this coinOPS EPIC looks amazing. I was wondering how i would go about getting this system on my xbox etc? Things i need to know would be where do we download it or do we pay a small price for it? Is there a guide i can read on how you set everything up? Is there a game guide as to what titles are on the CoinOPS Epic emulator? Thanks all looking forward to putting this on the xbox for my arcade machine, the person i bought it off had mamedox on it and all the games come up with errors.
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