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The 1emulation proposal to reboot! GAMECOP LOOK!


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If I could get a couple people to register and make sure permissions are ok across the forums(ie; post random crap), I'll move to adding the arcade in the next couple days...and then other stuff.


Registration is currently set without confirmation, so there's no email bs etc. Just register and go.

I'll be honest... I would highly prefer to upgrade our Invision Board before thinking of any conversion back to phpBB. Hell, I would go for vBulletin over phpBB any day of the week. I just don't like the idea of reverting... what I do LOVE is your new layout. I think it's really great and would suit a new 1emulation perfectly. Perhaps I could have you assist me in upgrading our Invision Board... I have already paid hundreds of dollars keeping our subscriptions alive (hence another reason why I am hesitant to move to a free forum). I appreciate all the help Cinder and I'm glad to find out you have become skilled in php/sql.


We currently have a license for ->

IP.Downloads * we should get this going *

IP.Blog * will be fixed by an upgrade * (otherwise, all will be lost if we convert to phpBB... AFAIK)

IP.Board (the forums)


We can always re-install the Arcade here... I was simply unable during our last upgrade to convert all the previous stats, etc.

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Works for me, just let me know what you need...I could see PHPBB being a "revert" at 2.x and earlier though, 3 is a real step up.


I could work on the layout here and now with the forum live, without disturbing anything, and moving threads to appropriate forums.(Like going through and splitting NES and SNES stuff to respective forums).

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I agree with ken_cinder, PHPBB 3 is definitely the way to go.


Well, this may help you with your decision. Here's the issues you're probably not seeing with IPB3.


- You know the front page where the news is at, well that's not in IPB3 anymore. You need to purchase the IP.Content to have that functionality back.

- You need manually apply the news into IP.Content, doesn't add on it's own (not sure if that has changed recently)

- The comments are not intertwined with threads properly. For example, you make a comment in a thread from the news you posted manually in IP Content, they will show in IP content. However, if you make a post in IP content, they will not be added into the thread created by IP Content.


Somethings to consider, I recommend testing this out at Invision Power before making that move (plunge).


The beauty of PHPBB 3 are the API's available for it, if you know how to code for them, you'll see more sunny days. Of course IPB3 has API's also but it's poorly documented, you'll be losing your hair in no time.

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I would say forget about PHPbb 2 and 3 (very poor foundation), and wait for Wedge to come out, its will be an improved SMF fork, http://wedge.org , plus it will have a blogging system. It's perfectly legal because SMF 2.0 is under New BSD License. The developers username are Nao and Arantor, they know the flaws of PHPbb 2 and 3, ask em, they will tell you.

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Smf isn't bad either, there's plenty of ways to get a front page with that.


However, it's quite daring to call it a solid foundation, especially with the number of script issues and upgrade moans you'll receive in the long run. :)


Oh as for security, i wouldn't call SMF Un-hackable, it has had it's days in the past with a couple friends i know who used it.


Smf Api's, needs a bit of updating, but it can definitely do what's already being done here.


In short everything free has problems, but then again this isn't really true I've seen plenty of sql injections in the past with IPB and even some with vb....


... May be mybb should also be considered in this scenario? it does have sdk support, but from what i've read it's incomplete, but available for use.

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