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Anyone interested in...


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just wondering if there is any interest if so then i will put them out there but it wont be for a few weeks.

Sure man, wondering how much other worthy release out there ?

we ve alread got 'Soul Calibur 2 Reloaded'


Extra costumes for EVERY character
Mortal Kombat announcer
Heihachi's moves from the PS2 version have been mapped to Necrid (This actually works REALLY well. The glow from Hei's gauntlets has been transfered over, the moves really fit Necrid as well. Also, it looks badass having him clench his lead hand (giant claw) over and over again like Heihachi does. Really smart idea doing that.)
New lifebars and win markers
Updated stages: New colors, artwork. ETC...
New title screen... and more!

Known bugs:

Game freezes if you completely cycle through Berserker's costumes
Team battle/extra team battle are known to freeze
Survival mode anouncer starts glitching out after around round 15 or so. Example: instead of "Round 18, fight!" it's like "Round *DISTORTION* fight!"
Slight *pop* sound when first character starts his/her opening match routine



and Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate [herbsta edition] 'a must seed'

This is an XISO image of a special version of Dead or Alive 2 Ultimate for xbox 1...

several years ago i was a member of a hacking website and we developed many skins and hacks for this game...

About this mod:

this mod has added several modded skins for each female character in doa2u.

there are a few topless/nude skins available from the start but to get the naked skins for each doa girl you must have a save file with all costumes unlocked from normal version of game or just unlock them yourself..

a lot of hard work went into making the stuff necessary for this mod... please enjoy and HELP ME SEED because im on crappy dsl here and can only upload at a pitiful rate... i will do my best but i will need help from my pirate brethren.

Wish crazypsymon could finish his bloody roar extreme mod

and still looking around for some new backgrounds.

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the mods i have garcimak are by crazypsymon,in soul calibur 2 for example they have things like Kazuya Mishima and Heihachi Mishima from the ps2 tekken series playable.also link from the gamecube versions moves are mapped to one of the characters IIRC.

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one of the very first xbox related downloads i ever had was a soul calibur mod that had Cheetara from the ThunderCats in it, among others. i have searched far and wide for that disc again, but i never did find it. my original burn of it went bad and i gave the xbox that had it installed to someone a year before i realized it was gone.


would LOVE to see this stuff back in action.

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  • 3 months later...

I have stoped Modding xbox games cause i sold it ,but if you guys are intrested in my mods i will upload some packs at my site



Some new stages and Chars ,sorry i don't have the same expiriance and creativity like 2 years ago but to upload these stuff i wana see some ppl and i will listen to your request and i will try to do my best this is the only way i can help .


Note:i can't test the mods to see if the mods work on xbox so i will need somone to do this job


have a good day guys!.

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