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  1. I have stoped Modding xbox games cause i sold it ,but if you guys are intrested in my mods i will upload some packs at my site psymonmods.webs.com Some new stages and Chars ,sorry i don't have the same expiriance and creativity like 2 years ago but to upload these stuff i wana see some ppl and i will listen to your request and i will try to do my best this is the only way i can help . Note:i can't test the mods to see if the mods work on xbox so i will need somone to do this job have a good day guys!.
  2. Looks like my sc2 mod became famous thanx for posting it here fumanchu anyway i stoped modding bloady roar because my xbox is dead so i tryed to hack some ps2 i was succeseful for the exporting job but 3d modeling and stuff are kinda of hard so i stoped for a while i will return to modding soon.
  3. Some sites i know,and some sites that are mine Mine www.wots2-fan.webs.com <way of the samurai 2 community> www.wots3-fan.webs.com<way of the samurai community allways updating> www.psymonmods.webs.com<modding communty with tutorials and some of my mods posted {especialy intrested in soulcalibur modding)> I know Dee4doa.webs.com<if you are intrested in dead or alive modding this is the right place> also you can try this dcforums.co.uk/forum/index.php? have a nice day!!!.
  4. As i know kunimitsu,forest law,jun kazama,eddye tigre christie,true ogre are in the game, this tekken will kick a@@!!!.
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