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xbox troubles


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sorry ive been working and only time i have to post or anything is late night or sundays. sorry i didnt get back to you. i already have the stuff up now i have to figure if i want to make it default which i think itll be the thing to do. thanks for the help btw how do you softmod a xbox that the dvd drive doesnt open. i have another xbox here laying around but when i turned it on today, the dvd drive didnt open.

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k well its not stuck but it doesnt open. my personal favorite is to throw it against the wall but i want it to softmod so i can have it in bedroom


Just use the drive from your other xbox if then swap it back after you softmodded it :)



Did you try to insert and push a needle inside the little hole just below the tray ? its the "emergency opening"


good idea, I would suggest a paperclip, last time i used a needle the so called "blunt end" went into my thumb ;) lol

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paper clip doesnt work. now as for the dvd drive i thought thzat you can only use the drive since it has its own serial. didnt think you can switch them around. can ya?

all xbox dvd drives are compatible with each other.

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i thought that the dvd drives were like the xbox360 which have to have number and you cant put it in other drive unless you program it to the other drive. good to know ill try it out today hopefully. Thanks





if you ever do get a "sticky" drive and manage to open it leave a blank disc in it all the time that seems to fix the problem ;)


I'd try it one last time, press the button then tap vigorously directly on top of the xbox right above the drive. I've softmodded over 30 xboxes and its worked every time for me ;)

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