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CoinOPS 2 Release

CoinOPS 2 Package  

45 members have voted

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I lost my vote :)

I want to write : NO / Full Pack 30 Gig 2400 games (More Arcade and Consoles) TESTED END TO END


Thanks for it

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I just registered to vote (sounds political?) :)




.. and I have read some of nonsense posting by few trolls against you.

Would you do me a favor? please, just ignore them by not responding at all.

All trolls are poor things who want to get attention.. so please do not feed the troll by answering them :)


We all know that you and other few ppl are real workhorse behind the Xbox-scene.

I don't want them to wear you down or make you retire out of emulation community as some good ppl already did.

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