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Mega Man (?)

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Ya - it should have it, I think Xport may have goofed something up in the code at some point. His port of the Master System emulator has perfect gun support.


I think there should be an effort put into porting the newest build of Snes9x. I've been playing with it on the Wii and a number of issues were corrected.




There was actually an update for scumm that was just released... haha :lol:

It was given this function. :P



I had no idea. Thanks! Then I'll go with zapper support for the NES instead.

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hahah oh my god what a surprise.... and I thought they where about to make a new emulator with hyperspin front end.....


why is it always about me....ill work with you if you actually know what your doing and are whiling to help....if its the misinformation rubbish ive seen from you I wont its that simple and always has been


Best of luck to those that believe in them but I cry for them and always have....those poor bastards

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