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My in-progress Resident Evil Skin for PCSXBOX


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nice :)

love ada wong on dual view ;) but i rarely us dual view because i only have screenshot of the game

maybe you can replace nemesis with ada wong or other character becaude you already have zombie on rom browser :)


BTW anyplan for metal gear solid theme for next pcsxbox skin??

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Thanks Lipo.

I actually only use single screenshot too, just do the dual setups for others.

I'm doing a range of options on the rom-list blade and other pics, mix & match..lol.

Did think about doing a MGS skin, just finding enough hours in the day.

Had some really cool ideas for it though..


Thanks to everyone for the comments.

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Hey Neil,


I think it looks pretty good. My only comment would be that the type and background color do not look to be from the 'world' of RESIDENT EVIL. Its just a little too glossy and pretty.


Just my opinion though. :)


By the way, I really like your Blue Fire Arcade skin for FBL.




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Wrapped up the HD single large preview version now.

Just have to save out all my BG screens for the HD Dual version & check my configs are sweet.

Did lots of options for rombrowser screens, so this skin will be released as HD Single preview &

HD Dual preview, probably have separate ones for SD too.

Makes the download a bit bigger to combine them into 1 pack.

Quite nice to have the choice to change the rombrowser BG pics/characters around.

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