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Some more stuff for xbox emulators.


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Here is a download for the famicom disc system(nes disc system) game called Aliens.this game is a based on the original msx game and is based on the second alien movie.

This game was finished but never got a commercial release and one copy of the game existed.it went up for sale at yahoo japan and someone bought it and was kind enough to dump the game so here it is.

BTW this was dumped just last week.







NES Donkey kong original edition

This is the NES version of Donkey Kong but with one pretty major addition, the missing cement level is included, and some extra animation for Donkey Kong.the missing cement level was missing from the original retail release of donkey kong on the nes.


BOTH aliens and donkey original edition are included in the download



(NES) 25th Anniversary Super Mario Bros

ripped from the recent wii disc of the same name,plays great on any nes emu.







forgot to inlcude,this here is the ps1 vids that bp originally uploaded,the only difference is i have converted them to XMV format and so they are ready to use and will save you converting them.



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