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Scanline emulation would be cool. I think that BP said this would impact performance, but I wonder if we could include something janky like PNG overlay? I think at some point I did an example at the different resolutions 480p & 720p using Rastan as an example and it looked pretty good. This definitely would only be useful in 480p and 720p mode. Since scanlines are a result of 240p - doing overlays in 480i would look silly. The 480i signal is sorta jumpy, while 240p is 'solid' if that makes sense.


Perfect pixels across all cores would be the best in my opinion though.


Lacerta, you should check out an Extron Emotia. If you use one in conjunction with a VGA output, you can make the Xbox output 240p. Check it out:



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Thanks, well i just ordered a Talismoon Frozen VGA cable for xbox, since i can flash my chip with a VGA bios (FrostyTheSnowman_Xman954_X2_5035_VGA_BIOS_v1.0_fixed)


Still got a 19" CRT Sony monitor lying around so i hope the result will be better :]


Right now i have a component output to a LCD TV (1366x768), so clearly the image can't be very satisfying.


For the Extron i don't know about buying some expensive hardware to do this... I was already thinking about buying a xrgb-3 for my MVS slot, but i just think more and more about just buying a cab. After all an Astro city in great condition costs only twice the price of the xrgb shipped to my place :)

Then i could even put the xbox inside the cab :lol:

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Before some earlier topics gone wild, they had been referred to the controls of

Road riot and Moto frenzy .

I'm interested in this kind of game, especially Road riot.


Also I think it has already been asked in the past but I repost

new SEGA system 24 drivers would be a nice addition :


Rough Racer

Gain ground (3p)

Scramble Spirit.

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Hey BP just so you know I use XBMC every single day usually multiple times. I literally watch everything I have on it. I don't have cable or anything. So if you need someone to test I could load it on mine. It will get tons of use. I don't use the stuff you where talking about removing really either.

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yip expect it soon but it looks like I might release it on the xtras site.....they say no one wants my stuff so they are going to let my stuff die on there site :P


no all jokes aside......ill let you test it for sure.... I just need others to get epic out...if its more than a few days now ill give it to another

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