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(COMMODORE 64) Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle


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Here is a downlaod for a newly released homebrew game for the commodore 64 called Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle.


Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle “follows Nanako and her quest to rescue her younger sister, Mya, who has got herself into a bit of bother involving dark magic and an evil tower”. This means platforming, puzzling fun as you advance the 25 odd levels to reach your goal. I’m getting deja vu all over again…


Yep, having been available on the Spectrum for around two years and the Amstrad CPC for about a year, Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle now makes it to the C64, courtesy of Inside who have converted the original Mojon Twins’ with some style. It feels just like the old days with a major game being released on all three major 8-bit formats. There’s also a video preview of the game running, which can be found here. The game itself can be downloaded for free and obtained in physical form on the Inside website.


original release site.




link to download disc format file/rom



link to download tape format file/rom



works great on the c64 emu for xbox vice64x.



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