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My sisters laptop - and her three year old kid.


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hahahahah I know it sucks but that shit is funny.

I remember when my son was about 3 he figured out how to order movies on the satellite. I had like a 500 dollar bill cuz he ordered Barney like 200 times. then he figured out that if you wet toilet paper and throw it it will stick to the ceiling. fucking kids man. hahah.

that's not to mention all the sandwiches stuck in VCRs and hot wheels cars flushed down toilets.

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It still works - as much as I dont like sony their Laptops are fucking hardcore.

The eldest is figuring out stuff to do like ink says, bog roll down the toilet etc...


My sister should stop playing bingo and poker and get those kids out in the air! Take the hint sister!


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haha that is really funny wtf!!!


It shouldn't be that big of a deal to just wipe it clean and it should be fine. It's not like it was submerged in anything. Even if it was give it a couple days to dry and you would be alright. My wife's laptop was left out in the rain like 3 or 4 times since I've known her and it still works. It was even plugged in!! It actually overheats less now! (stupid HP and their useless cooling on laptops)


My son exploded a bottle of baby power in the living room once. It was fucking INSANE. I was in the other room and I was like WTF is that smell? It smells like baby power or something. So I walk into the next room over (I was taking a shit so I guess he had quite a bit of time to do this) and he had ripped the top off a brand new bottle of baby power. The baby powder in the air was so thick it looked like smoke. EVERYTHING in the room was white, there was this thick coating on everything. Somehow he had distributed it very evenly and efficiently. I should have taken pictures, it was just crazy how it was covering everything in sight. The vacuum sucked it up pretty good though. He is also 3.

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I almost wanna ban my kids from electronics I have found so many pencils,pens, chips and such in dvd players and they just killed our vcr and one of my N64s. the vcr got an ice cream sandwhich in it and the n64 got coins and shit stuffed in it.

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