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CoinOPS Inferno (Arcade & Home Emulator)


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If you require arcades only this emulator is dropping support for this....id recommend CoinOPS reingite X or CoinOPS reignite ShowROOM X for you....



Epic is dropping support for...what?


The description mentions supporting both arcade and console games, which the suggested alternative ReIgnite X versions also had

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dropping support for older builds.....there is feature after feature added in each build (12,000 plus games added)...this build will have them all rolled in making it easier to support...


yes ill except questions and feature requests to Epic only and not to platium, arcades, coinops gold, coinops ignite, coinops reignite as they vary in features and vary greatly in what they run....the answer to those questions is upgrade to Epic :) its free and it will be better


PS to waal no offense your irrelivant and ill have to treat you as that like everyone else does...best of luck :)

to others that are new dont worry the facts speak for themself he is just a troll

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Ive had so many people now complain about how they change from a tv that sd to hd there consoles are messed up and how stuff on the skin ends up all over the place lost folders.....stuff appearing everywhere and being able to search anywhere.....no sorting....you name it ive heard it.....so many other issues with configing them...finally with Epic everything works and I can put away all this stuff for them so it automattically recalibrates everything to what ever they run or res they have it on...and no more pain for my users and this means less pain for me....so for me with Epic I can finally nail the coffin for people I know and give them what they want....this will leave me free to install more features globaly (eg to arcade and consoles alike) and not have to use many interfaces and especailly the confusing ones.....this alone will save me alot of time my side as all I got was question after question of issues that I dont get from CoinOPS my side...and I can only go off what I see from 100s of people....its a good enough snapshot for me on what needs to happen to best suit peoples needs for emulation on the xbox....never let the tail wag the dog...make things consistant easy and automatic if its silly not to and most of all


Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction (Albert Einstein)

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...finally with Epic everything works


So to summise, most stuff never worked as it was supposed to, as people kept reporting.

Yet you would insult people insinuating they were dumb.

You would then go on to ridicule anyone who tried to help these people knowing damn well you never had the answers.

At this rate one of your bastardised emu's "may" just be worth the download in 2 - 3 yrs time.

Well, here's hoping !

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yes thats right alot of people asked for this....and now ive finally delivered a package that ill load tday and wont break with even anyone using it and works consistantly across the board for them....its happy days for sure for me and the people I do this for.....


finally I wont be hamstrung by unituative interfaces.....just personal dont worry cba enjoy what you have I know people I know will enjoy the difference and its the reason why its been happening....epic will finalise a one choice emu for people I know allow me the support on one emu instead of alot of xport etc stuff.....so for me its fantastic.....


beleive what you want cba I beleive in a different world from you enjoy yours....I know all the stuff I see and hear and have good reasons for what I do....im completely happy with where CoinOPS is how it operates and what it means for me and my supporters.....and now its like narvana for me...I can add what ever I want without much effort at all....fantastic....with no setup worries no matter what res and I also have no issues with what people that dont know what they are doing will do as id say they wont destroy it or reconfig stuff incorrectly and if they do it can repair itself with no ftp access......fantastic for me once again.....CBA ive seen your help and its wrong to put it nicely most of the time....ive even sat back and let you help but it ends in tears even simple stuff and I have left it to you a few times always very bad help from you guys and really you have no skills to fix the real mistacks you will take that personally but you dont have the skills to do it...im sorry for this bad news I have done real world tests and I do 100 percent beleive in what I just said....its nothing personal and dont take offense most people know they havent spent the time to learn stuff so can only help a bit and know there limits, id say your much more of a newbe than you claim you are this I really believe (PS I know my limitations and strengths and I know I have many limits but I dont complain I sort them if I can and have learnt alot this way)


This is truely a great day for me.....ill pat myself on the back and I can look forward to fantastic packs...with only minor tweaks and features...the same packs will allways run from build to build now and it will only be little attention to detail stuff/speed hacks and games adding will happen....im finsihed with the cores now...if it isnt in there it wont make it for reasons ill document...the majors are in and they are seemless.....


Go on cba keep fixing stuff that isnt broken for me....I have no issue with you doing that I did this to help alot of people I know and listened to them and kept to my guns...I know what ive seen you can ignor it or even think I did it for no reason...beleive what you want im happy as with what I see now :) its truely a good day for me....ever since I decided that these interfaces needed to change for people I know ive worked towards this and now its in its final weeks for what I wanted....its small stuff for me now and no need to completely look at other emus and what they do right or wrong and what I should do to better support people I know


good luck cba I heard the new GUI and stuff you have and I have no issues with it I wish you best....I know it wont be what I decided I want to do....also no offense but I doubt your skills very easy things like corridants on the screen you said where difficult to code....look at pixel perfect stuff for coinOPS its far in advanced of any of that stuff and that took me only a few hours...that is pretty much a 5min job, maybe 10 so stuff like this makes me doubt your skills....best of luck anyways


PS stuff will be added like pixel perfect for all cores though one setting and automatic no matter what res...true aspect etc same as CoinOPS....id say consistan keymapping and save states and smb support will be on the agender and adding missing games and speed hacks....this sort of stuff will my my focus so the packs now will run from epic epic 2 epic 3 epic 4 and will never need to be altered again and relooked at like the past this has allways caused me support issues and meant for large releases alot of time bug checking massive lists of stuff as alot of core stuff changed from time to time :) noooo more need for this way and as such packs can be made and will always run build to build with no issues from now on (REASON WHY OLD SUPPORT IS GONE AS THIS IS NOW THE STANDARD AND RANT OVER :) )


good luck to cba with his stuff if you want cba put links to it here :) or ask me ill bump your stuff if you want...I recommend tring it...its massive and completely different concept than coinops some will like it im sure....but equaly I recommend you try CoinOPS EPIC solution ill say you end up using it more and more and less and less of other stuff....but maybe not...try before you buy




so best of luck everyone ill listen to stuff if its not really just trolls, if its pointless stuff really like the stuff ive seen then ill lock the thread.... as it doesnt help anyone....and you can PM me....and ill normally reply

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I see xbox scene is having the normal troll issues with the same trolls:( its a huge shame to me to see the trolls running around and not listening to obvious things like screen config....and now it nearly completely dead shame on them ..... I told them this would happen and I pitty anyone that goes there now....it really is a big shame


man I wished people that PM me would have faught for its survial face to face or to the mods....although modding is a silly idea......these people wouldnt behave like that in public esp looking at there photos its a shame they act like this in the virtual world

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