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B.O.R Games,faves!


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does anyone here play bor games on the xbox,if so what games do yoy play.list the ones you play.


my current faves.

double dragon advance



golden axe remake



joe and mac caveman ninja

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I love them all, I'll play any of the ones that work well.

I particularly love the TMNT, Resident Evil, and Final Fight ones :)


This would be particularly cool to see with a new Gui because i have the Xbox Openbor

and the GUI seriously needs some updates and attention.


I think Openbor has been one of the great homebrew achievements, and more people should know about it and use it. :)

(I know it has sound issues on the xbox and some versions work better for different games)

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My favourite is the Golden Axe Remake, it plays really well and even better than the arcade game.


Problem is I hate it when the level 4 music starts half way through level 2, wish there was a way to fix that.

yeah the golden axe remake is a great bor mod,anyone tried joe and mac yet?

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I cant get them to work... They are all ZOOMED... I think its set for 720 and Im using a SD 14" tv :)


I posted about the issue a while ago but never managed to fix it.


I have all 3.7GB of the PAK games just can't use em... I did play a streetfighter version on PSP a few years back that was good :)

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Hey Fu,


Do your PAK files appear in a list?


if so, any chance you could upload the version your using without the PAK files?



I have sorted my issue with this.... If anyone is interested let me know and I will upload it somewhere.


I got the list of games displaying on SD tv, just gotta sift through and remove the none working games and Demo's.


I know the 250MB version of Double Dragon does not work, it freezes during caching stage... however, Im guessing it would be fine on a Trusty xbox..... (oh i would love one of those.... see what Santa brings eh)

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