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Hate to say this but...SvC:Chaos sucks


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What a HUGE dissapointment....my God is this game horrible, honestly the best thing about this game is the dialog between fights. The animation is HORRIBLE, have you seen ryu or kens fireball?....it doesnt get much worse folks.


IMO Cap vs Snk 2 still holds the crown.

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Ahh someone agrees with me; I never did see what was so great about this and why so much hype went into it, it's not that I don'tlike fighting games, I enjoyed Capcom vs SNK 2, with Marvel vs Capcom 2, Guilty Gear X, nd Killer Instinct Gold/2 being my favorites.

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Your all on LSD.

Just becasue something is hyped does not mean it sets your exspectations.

For me the game is great, its a tuff nut to crack, the graphics are as good as they need to be and none of the crap from capcom vs snk is present or possibile.


Mulatto You also HATED metal slug and did not se the point in that eithier if my memory servers me correctly, all of you should be a tad gratefull that you even got to play the games in the comort of your own home.

Free Rings a bell here and that more or less what it is, still it does not in any way stop you having an opinion on the game it self, if you think the game sucks then thats fine buy me:}

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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Maybe people actually ENJOYED the game despite it wasn't much of a new fighting engine. That means that they're enjoyed how the gameplay was and how they got to play it for free.


I thought this game was nice because of seeing new characters such as zero in these games. The art was pretty good and the ending was difficult to get. So unless u don't like the game, there are still many others that do


PS: Metal slug does not suck, and that is way off topic :D

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It had to potential to be a classic but such simple things as a dull cast, extremely unbalanced characters and horrible collision detection held it back imo. These are the only things that bother me though, I dig the feel and the visuals.

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