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Sorry to bump up a thread that isn't active but I am a new member perusing some of the relatively recent topics...and I noticed super mario wars mentioned here...


now i was naturally curious about it so i googled what its all about and it looks pretty awesome...so i am wondering .. in the same vein as ACE..


What games are out there that I could never imagine existed because they were never released on a console or the arcades..and are the result of a person or teams awesome dreaming?


I'd love to throw a couple of those on my xbox...


Also.. do i have to run someting like super mario wars with a certain emu? or is it an iso or something like that...



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NFL Blitz 2002+2003+Pro

NHL Hitz 2002+2003+Pro

MLB Slugfest 2003+2004+Loaded+2006

Street Hoops

Shrek Super Party

Gauntlet Dark Legacy

Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1 >

> If you got FBL you probally wont need this but its still a nice set of games though.

Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 >

Capcom Fighting Evolution

Crash Nitro Kart

Crash Tag Team Racing

Crazy Taxi 3

Crusty Demons MotoX

Digimon Rumble Arena 2

Mashed Fully Loaded

FIFA Street 1+2

NFL Street 1+2

NBA Street Vol 2+3

FreeStyle MetalX

FreeStyle Street Soccer

Furious Karting


Godzilla D.A.M.M + Save the Earth

Grooverider Slot Car Thunder

House of the Dead 3 (House of the Dead 2 is included as a hidden game!)

Panzer Dragoon ORTA (the orginal PD is included as a hidden game also!)

Hunter the Reckoning + Redeemer

Dungeons and Dragons Heroes

IHRA Drag Racing 2004+2005+Sportsman Ed.

Intelivision Lives!

Justice League Heroes

KOF NeoWave

KOF Maximum Impact

Knockout Kings 2002

Legends of Wrestling 1+2+3

Leasure Suit Larry MCL

Mad Dash Racing

The Wild Rings (JPN Wrestling/MMA Games...awesome game from Microsoft!)

Maximum Chase

Midway Arcade Treasures 1+2+3


RedCard Soccer 2003

Robin Hood Defender of the Crown

Room Zoom

Shattered Union

Shrek SuperSlam

The Simpsons Road Rage

Taito Legends 1+2

Tecmo Arcade Classics

Trival Pursuit Unhinged

UFC Tapout 1+2

X-Men Legends 1+2



Thats alot of the games that come to my mind that are possibly cab-friendly...try'em out I liked most of the games on this list personally or at least i know they are a cab-friendly option. Enjoy!

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Sorry i keep bringing up dead threads but i dont want to hijack the coin ops thread because my questions arent really that relevant..im kind of having fun posting here. People repond. i've never been much of a forum nerd..but anyhooo....this is fun


Hows everyone enjoy their xbox and emulators? most of you guys use cabinets? big LCD's? Is there a "check out my hot ass gaming area" thread?


I personally play on a good sized lcd.. i have a few custom joysticks.. used the cthululu MC board if you guys know what that is...hook up to a usb--<xbox adapter and hurray.. I just sit on the sofa and make those buttons go clicky clicky.



Also where's everyone from??? Seriously you guys must be from all over the place....first that Kenshiro guy says "I'm still on the ass" and then BP says "if i can be arsed"..i dont know what to make of those statements...it must be a local way to use the word ass and arse.

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I have a small cabinet 5.2ft hight and 21" wide... (its an old poker 80's cabinet converted) Its not quite finished due to family \ work commitments :) It uses a 14" Toshiba TV with anti-glare, it not an LCD but gives a better picture in my honest opinion :)

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