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  1. Cooooooooooooooooooool I am looking for a source to obtain this.. and probably soon after i will need some help on how to install it ..oii..
  2. Hi I think I just got confused. Whats the diff between the new Showroom and Inferno? Is one build better suited for certain things than the other? Thanks!
  3. i took a look at the game....i remember this one vaguely.. not going to bother with xbox emulation despite the forum area that we're in.. i'm going to find a copy for my actual psx and see what all this commotion is about. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me!
  4. Sorry i keep bringing up dead threads but i dont want to hijack the coin ops thread because my questions arent really that relevant..im kind of having fun posting here. People repond. i've never been much of a forum nerd..but anyhooo....this is fun Hows everyone enjoy their xbox and emulators? most of you guys use cabinets? big LCD's? Is there a "check out my hot ass gaming area" thread? I personally play on a good sized lcd.. i have a few custom joysticks.. used the cthululu MC board if you guys know what that is...hook up to a usb--<xbox adapter and hurray.. I just sit on the sofa and make those buttons go clicky clicky. Also where's everyone from??? Seriously you guys must be from all over the place....first that Kenshiro guy says "I'm still on the ass" and then BP says "if i can be arsed"..i dont know what to make of those statements...it must be a local way to use the word ass and arse.
  5. Hello mr ressurectionx Which 2 games would they be? I am just interested to know what someone like you would have at the top of a playlist..i just always feel like i've missed out on some very good games over the years
  6. Hello Thank you for your response BP. I am sorry.. your typing sometimes confuses me so i always like to confirm what you are saying. Basically you are going to solve this stuff Well then.. I thank you for that mister boobs ...annndd I couldn't help but see all the ruckus above me... so I'd like to point out that there are some awesome guys here...like Fumanchu for example. He put me on a fast track to answers like you wouldnt believe. Supposed trolls like xbox even tried to help. BP of course is here to help also. I know he walks around like the king of the world but that's just his style. If you stop trolling than he'll stop calling you a turd.. i think ... But if he stopped calling you a turd.. would you stop trolling? Who knows. My post count tells me and the rest of the world that i am just a turd too.... at least in here.. ..but like most things, there are two sides. The noobie boobies like me want BP to keep doing what he's doing because it sounds great..BUT it doesnt mean i will think everyone else is a turd just because he says so.. we're rookies..but we have our own minds too..and i think most ppl here can respect that.
  7. Hello, Question about NBA jam because i saw in the "Challenge BP" thread that you have made some fixes...but anyone else can respond if they know... when i play it on xbox.. it just shouts out random names in place of actual commentary. I'll pass the ball and it will say "PIPPEN" than someone else will make a shot and it will say "PIPPEN" again or some other random name that doesnt have anything to do with the current players.. is this normal for everyone else? Thanks! nice jugs
  8. That's great news! you work really fast. I hope you are ready to make it available soon.
  9. so i've got mameb6 and mame 72. *schwing* when i throw all my zips into the ROM folder for mameb6 and i run NBA JAM regular rev 3 or rev 4 I find it is NOT running at full speed. I thought maybe i had it mixed up so i ran NBA Jam TE as well but still a little jittery. So.. i am wondering a few of things... -do I not have the latest revision? -is this the best I'm going to get on xbox? -or are my memories of the arcade game just too fond... and it was always hit with frame rate stutters Thanks folks
  10. Thanks! again!! Fumanchu rocks I got it up and running no problemo. This game is funny! I can't believe I didnt know about this before today. To add to the OP's topic, I always like puzzle bubble for arcade cabinets
  11. Sorry to bump up a thread that isn't active but I am a new member perusing some of the relatively recent topics...and I noticed super mario wars mentioned here... now i was naturally curious about it so i googled what its all about and it looks pretty awesome...so i am wondering .. in the same vein as ACE.. What games are out there that I could never imagine existed because they were never released on a console or the arcades..and are the result of a person or teams awesome dreaming? I'd love to throw a couple of those on my xbox... Also.. do i have to run someting like super mario wars with a certain emu? or is it an iso or something like that... THANKS!
  12. Once again thanks. You've been a great help. I look forward to reading the rest of your 150 page thread lol
  13. I'll try to reply in the other thread after this.... thank you (.)(.) for your reply. I'm going to call you BG... short for booby guy because those look like a pair to me I'll try to read a little more but there is honestly way too much going on in that other thread. I understand KI is okay now for CoinOps Infersno...but Are you saying that i can't play nba jam (non home console version) on my xbox at full speed with sound yet? I mostly want to play that game...on a big ass tv ...even if it looks ugly...and i need to hear the announcer say HE'S ON FIRE!! because its awesome. Thanks
  14. hello.. no not the same person. I'm not big on posting in threads. If I need something..i'll ask and hope someone is kind enough to provide me with some sort of direction..even if its a 150 page thread that doesnt make sense to me... but i try to read up before i do that.. so thats me and why my post up there exists, in a nut shell I thank that booby guy (.)(.) ..or the eyeball guy..for his attempt to help. I have a few questions I'd like to ask him after I make this post. unfortunately i feel the need to defend him first because he's the only one thats helped me or tried to help me....... at least he's not just posting comments trying to stir up some sht. just sayin
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