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Broken Circle and Tyrian 2000 Unreleased GBA Roms


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here are some links to download 2 unreleased games for the gba and they both work on xboyadvance.these games were both released as freeware.


Broken Circle (RPG)


Broken Circle is a professionally designed turn-based RPG for the GBA. 7 Raven Studios won a contract to develop this game. When it was ready, the company who had issued the contract backed out. As the GBA has reached the end of its development cycle, 7 Raven Studios decided to release the game for free.









tyrian 2000 (shmup)

The original Tyrian was a shoot ‘em up developed for the PC by Eclipse Productions (later named World Tree Games) and published in 1995 by Epic MegaGames. A version of Tyrian 2000 was in development for the Game Boy Advance, but after the then publisher Symmetry Entertainment had closed business, the European publisher Stealth Productions, Inc. (Stealth Media Group, Inc.) obtained the publish rights, but it was cancelled. The game was eventually leaked online as a rom.


2 Sidekick weapons can be fired at the same time. Super Arcade and audio are not included. New to this game is Challenge mode, where additional levels are unlocked by completing existing Challenge levels.




broken circle



Tyrian 2000




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Tyrian is awesome, looks like a good port.

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