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Dee-jay Vs Zangeif?


If your gonna hit a guy with a frame like that you better make it count, that was some funny banter.

Ill put my foot up yo ass! "I used to beat tough guys like you!"

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Lol call an ambalamps.


I love how those bitches he's with are egging him on. "kick that whitey's ass"

and then they are like "oh noes! Lawdy, stop!"

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Lol thats some funny stuff


Yeah I cant really blame it on age, I'm only 27. I put it more so on lack of focus and time and will to practice.


I have two daughters and am currently unemployed so when I have time to play, its time like the kids are running around and I'm downstairs trying to enjoy it. Basically that means either I'm having fun or enjoying the game, not stressing over timing and how I should have played this match.


I need a new fighter to come out and peak my interest again. Hopefully I can drop this pad and main stick fulltime. I swear my pad is gonna meet the wall next time I miss a fadc to an ultra

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