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Gief ultra 2 is quite troublesome to execute. You can't do it on reaction basis. You will have to anticipate that your opponent is going to jump then you have to execute your move early in anticipation. I will stick to "FOR MOTHER RUSSIA! FINAL ATOMIC BUSTER!!"

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I was tryin it....

I fadc my lariat and then right a super fast 360 and right wen i jumped up i activated the ultra.

THe frame showed that the guy was in my air-range but it still didnt connect, man that sucked!

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I played the demo in a store (lol yeah) and I got my ass handed to me on the level harder than medium - forget what it was called. I don't wan to judge the game too quickly but does it get more fun? I dunno, I just wasn't impressed as much as I thought I'd be. SF 3 instantly grabbed me, this really didn't. I plan on buying a PS3 soon and I don't know if I'm going to even buy this, and my excitement level was pretty high. In no way am I going to blame the game for my sucking, but god I sucked bad. Worst of all is that I'm re-playing the first Ninja Gaiden for Xbox right now and thought SF4 was more daunting. I did almost win my third fight but maybe I should just wait for MvC 3 or check out BlazBlue.

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