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Full Spread/ Game Time

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Correct Agozer. 11, you will soon have what you are looking for. Both gameplay and story progress in a way as to not dump everything at once. As for "levelage" you will see soon enough. Somewhere around 4-5 hrs in or so.


As for the Japanese, whats up with there pigeon toed girls???? I've seen 2 in this game already and I remember Shion stood a similar way in Xenosaga.

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sspx0390.jpgWould you honestly try and take it from me? B)

that's a serious burger. :)

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I hear it really opens up around 30 hrs. I dunno if I can put that kind of time into it as is.

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Well the gameplay opened up to me already... So I can only hope for more awesomeness. I woke up recently, And ate eggs in a basket and sausage... Delicious!!! About ready to fire the game up.


There is something that everyone needs to know.


This isnt a true spoiler... You can upgrade weapons and accessories. When Inky said dont sell any components, he wasnt kidding! Glad I followed his advice. Mainly, components are divided into two parts, organic and mechanical. There is an invisable stat that you need to be aware of. Each component gives XP to items. But the invisable stat is the multiplier. Once this value reaches 50, you gain x1.25 XP and it will tell you. It'll be listed on the item during the upgrading process. Well it grows and grows up to 500 pts, where the multiplier is x3.


Now... out of the components... organic has positive multiplier value, where as mechanical actually reduces this value. Subsiquently, you'll note that organic components dont have as much XP value as mechanical. Items and components also have rank... know that lesser components (cheap) don't give as much XP to better items.


Anyway, with this knowledge... Rule of thumb is use the cheapest organic components first, then more and more expensive. BUT ALSO... use these components ONE AT A TIME!!!! or at least till its at x3. If you use a bunch at once, youll get all of the xp, but at the current multiplier bonus...


As for the mechanical, it would be wise to use a bunch, all at once, for a massive xp bonus. Using them all at once gives you the multiplier on the whole lot. Know that you may very well waste components as items have a level cap, and you don't know what the cap is until you actually get there. But that wont likely happen... you don't have enough resources to cap an item this early in the game. I wont divulge any more info for this...


(1st) ORGANIC= ONE AT A TIME (at least until x3)


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As much as I hate FFXIII currently, I will still get it in near future. Just not that willing to pay full price for it now :P



thats a sentiment i can co-sign to also the fact that i use 360 and the game is visibly inferior to the ps3 version is sort of a turn off at the current moment

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L.S.D. You havent even played... how can you hate it? I refused to listen to everyones whining and griping and naysaying... Turns out, I am pleased with the game. It's better than XII, I'll say that. But you have to form your own opinion. It's better than the naysayers say, IMO. It really does work.


Kyo Yes its technically inferior. I have even detected audio compression overuse... But do you have a PS3? Trust me, It doesnt even matter that much, visually. The whole audio thing during some cutscenes... that is something to bitch about though. Even then, Whatever... It's FFXIII and I like it!


Solidius What are you talking about? Isn't this considered real time? There are no turns, you just go when you can, if you dont select an attack, party members and enemies continue to fight.

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i have seen people playing it and from what i seen, cutscenes, then more cutscene, then walk, then battles, battles then more cutscenes. I stand there in the shop for one hour to see if anything changes than that, but nothing changed.


But as mentioned, will still get the game just becos it is a Final Fantasy game, just not going to get it right away :P

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