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Are you open to suggestion about GUIs? Photoshop mockups?

YES as asked many times


720p is the highest coinops goes...pretty easy to add 1080i but I wont due to issues it will cause for full support...

ill look at that keymap and add fixes if you have showcase 2 dont release it as it has alot of stuff that people dont like....I take it you have the 3000 game build with diff gui?


Sorry BP I misspoke. I dont have showcase 2. I have showcase R2. I guess I assumed R2 was showcase 2

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I don't use video previews, only screenshots. How about bringing back the screenshots option to the screen saver, as it only has options for blank screen or videos on the latest versions. ;)


suppose there no way adjusting the screen setting somewhere for certain games ? I like to play scramble and some other older vertical games with the screen stretched wider.


also settings pole position analog to reverse is always reset, it doesnt save the settings, so I have to change it each time I play.

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