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Do human farts contribute to global warning?


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cow farts seriously contribute to greenhouse gasses.


I once read that farts poison your body if held in. and that people lose 5 minutes off thier lives for every fart held in. I don't know if thats true but why risk it :) let em blow! and if you wanna be green and save the environment you should light your farts so the gasses don't go into the atmosphere. :)

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Wow - This is going to be awesome because women never fart hold it in and run outside to let rip - his psi gonna be sweet to use on women.


Look here the largest percentage of tubby people and by definition fat people fart the most: The top 3 are US 30.6%, Mexico 24.2%, UK 23%


I just tod this girl I know that when she holds her farts in she is really damaging her self I told her the gasses poison her bowls I wonder if she will turn into an open farter now?

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I detect spam.. :P


I would think cows would contribute more than humans due to their size and what they eat on a daily basis. We also have clothes which absorb most of the payload and live in houses, where cows on the other hand roam naked freely in the pastures.

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