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Yet another hijacked thread


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Hey guys,

The reason for this thread is that I don't have space to add another 2700 roms to my xbox and it seems pointless to be using the coinops or FBA sets as they already run their roms great.


Please list all the games that (are good) that you find run better on this emu or will only rum on this emu.


For ppl like myself who are going to use this with just a limited number of the very best roms this thread should prove useful!


Many thanks in advance guys ;)

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As not all the roms in the .dat file work.


some games refuse to even load, for example Tetris the grandmaster2 and the plus one.


some load but are not playable for example mtv rock-n-roll trivia (part 2) is listed in the dat but when it loads it just loops at the rom check screen so is not playable.


but they are listed in the .dat


I think it would be a good idea to list all the non working games, or working badly with sound (continental circusruns at an ok 25-30 fps but has loud humming sound all the way through). Then eliminate them from the .dat file.


and make a new .dat file with only the working ones. keep the main .dat file with all games listed, aswell though.

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some games refuse to even load, for example Tetris the grandmaster2 and the plus one.


Fixed ^^ ---> http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php...ic=1156.new#new


Same should happened with Gunbarich and Mahjong G-Taste.





cool. ;) how well would grandmaster2 run on xbox ?


I added the fix and it runs perfectly at 60 FPS almost the entire time. It will be supported in the next release. Thanks Kenshiro!

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just fixed the Psyko to be less acurrate in CoinOPS like in this FBL...I tried it and notice one of the title layers in Striker games was missing the transpency and looks alot worse (clouds) so the driver needed some downscaling like raiden fighters did. PGM is in mame and seems fine...also I have no issues in any cave games, or neogeo games (except world hereos 1 and 2). Also fixed speed now in Metal Slug 2 and world hereos all it needs is a cpu speed up (set for that game only nes think mslug 2 has slowdown by default as it did in arcades)


I ran all my stuff from the 1600 unique games from my personal build and it only showed about 500 or less id say but it doesnt give me a number (although alot of the very best ones are there) also games like gunsmoke seemed to play at really bad speeds. I only took at quick look and play and also looked though the dats fpr a while


all videos seems to work on both no worries not to sure if it drops to use parent video if its a clone with no video but with the same naming it works fine


at present I only noticed later CPS2 better...Psyko better and World Hereos 1 and 2 it plays some of the games from FB 1.1 that mame cant at present and alot more genesis although megatech and megaplay is supported in mame (PS all those other drivers are being speed up with some help from one of the orig FBA dev)

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I added the fix and it runs perfectly at 60 FPS almost the entire time. It will be supported in the next release. Thanks Kenshiro!


wicked ;) Thanks Kenshiro!




also are some games underclocked on the audio, to keep speed up or is that how they are normally ? ie Gradius III (japan) the music sounds slow, but the game plays smooth. and there was another but I cant remember it at the moment.



these are some of the "other" games that do not work or not work well, mostly sounds are messed up or just wont load.


gunbarich (crash not supported)

phoenix (amstar) (crash not supported)

crazy kong part II (set 1) (crash not supported)

donky kong junior (crash not supported)

lady bug (crash not supported)


alex kidd lost stars (sound messed up)

mtv rock-n-roll trivia (doesnt get by the rom check screen)

quarted (works but sound is messed up)

raffiesia (works smooth but sounds are distorted)

action fighter (works but has bad framerate)

alien syndrome (works but has slowdown on vertical movement)

super triv (works but no sound and in french)

gardia (works but sound is distorted)

hang on (works but analog control is digital only)


hellfire (works perfect but could use overclock or something to stop slowdown in game when firing, genesis version is smaller graphics but doesnt have the slowdown)

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really needs to be in the FBL thread as these are fixes not what runs better....ive found alot of issues with other games but CPS2 and NeoGeo and Cave etc stuff is all good


what I found that runs better


World Hereos 1

World Hereos 2

all Psyko

all later CPS2


everything else doesnt run better IMO although it does run better with filters many games but without they run the same.


also it plays

Power Drift

Galaxy Force 2

AB Cop


Genisis (although there are alot of the top genisis game supported on mame)

a few other games from FB


if you want the videos for any of those game let me know

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If you want to Play








Most Konami


Many Sega


FBL is the way to go. The GUI is better. The options are better. The speed is better (you will never play CPS1, CPS2, Cave, or NeoGeo games with software filters at 1080i and get 60 FPS on CoinOps). The rendering is better. The HD support is better. The controller support is better. I could go on.


Anything that FBL doesn't run correctly, doesn't run at all, or doesn't run at 60 FPS (like taito games) should be played on CoinOps or some other version of MAME as a backup.

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