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My first MAME arcade cabinet project using an xbox

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@californiadad concerning the xbmc dash if i was you i would just downlaod some skins for evox as it can be a problem replacing a dash on a softmodded xbox,basically its easy to F it up.


Oh really, Darn cause I just got XBMC loaded up, looks great!! I was trying to DL the rapier skin but, the zip file keeps saying its corrupt??

Tried a few different zip programs. No go

download the rapier skin from here.



its the official site for it.

did you get your hdd upgraded?

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Cool, Im downloading the new skin now. I plan on upgrading the HD in the morning. Ill let ya know how it goes.




Ahhh........That new DL link you gave me worked like a charm! No error this time Sweeeeeett! Time to go change some skins

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Then I got one of these...






You need the Xbox to JAMMA adapter at the bottom...Then just wire your speakers through an amp...I made it so everything turns on with a wall switch.


Then you get UnleashX dashboard and use the "scrolling wheel" design and make it have all your FBA-XXX roms launch directly with video preview...you can customize further by changing your loading screens to black to give it more arcadey feel...also I took retail games like Capcom Vs. SNK and Marvel Vs. capcom for Xbox and hex edited the Default.xbe so that instead of flashing "Press Start" durring the attract mode it says "Insert Coin"...Its just cosmetic but when the attract mode for these games is running now it looks exactly like the arcade attractt mode!


After you get everything set up you can go back into Mameox or FBA-XXX and set it to safety mode so that no one can mess it up...these options were added specifically for us cab owners!




Does one need all of these adapters (shown) for this project...? I checked that site and it would be over $100 for all of them. I haven't found a clear description anywhere on how to set it up with an Xbox.

More info or any steps would be much appreciated...

I have an original TMNT machine I am thinking of converting.

Thank You :devil:

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Do you need it? No not really. Is it worth it? Hell yeah it makes it super easy. The picture above is for connecting an xbox to a JAMMA wired cabinet. So if you've got a real arcade machine you just take out the original game board and plug that part labeled as J-Pac into your cab where the game board was. If your monitor and controls work in your TMNT cab this would be great for that, barring the fact you'd need another controller adapter for players 3 and 4. (and after that you'll want to drill some holes and add more buttons on your control panel, these modifications get addictive real fast)


I always thought a TMNT machine would be great for 4 player Super Mario War.

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Thanks for the info RedCaps!


Yes mine is an original one...

It is in practically mint condition, so I don't really plan on permanently changing it.


I want to built a new control panel, and then just interchange them.


So I need,

1. Controller Adapter/ps2 cable

2. J-Pac

3. AV/speaker to j-pac connector.

(how would my speaker connect?)



how is the method modified if I want to add a new control panel with more buttons?

( I am not worried about 4 player right yet, I will make a 2 player control panel with buttons that match an xbox controller)


Thanks again :sadwalk:

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