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after XBOX Sources


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If you want make an new good N64 emulator it is a great idea :(

Some began it before summer but no news now ...

But when i began to help it i have get the last source of 1964 emulator by the author and Rice :)

It is an excelent source ...

And for my part i finish there is a fwe days an big INI whith all the parameters for many games works :D


What do you will do ?

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you can download the latest sources for surreall 64xxxb5 here.



and you can get the latest sources for neogenesis(megadrive)and snex9x or something like that here

xports sourceforge page



and the only version of sourcecode i can find for zsnexbox is version 3.0,obviously it is now at version 3.5.

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Yes first moon im not taking over there projects im just inserting there code into coinops at present. darknoir I dont have FTP access to your place sorry you will have to get me a link sometime. I want to add a few N64 games into CoinOPS if possible not fix up N64 I have no idea how to do that :angry:

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