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30mins ill pm you fum

ok no probs.

can anyone send me link for latest release id greatly appreciate it

you need 3 posts to activate your pm.so just do 2 more posts then i can pm you.


No prob thanks for all the help you are a life saver

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its easy to code, just mame has alot of stuff to take into consideration also the screensizing code is completely different than exports as there is many screensizes(lots and lots and lots of different ones) and there is only one in xport emus

How does multiple screensizes make any difference? The games themselves don't actually run at their native resolutions. All games run at the same resolution that the emulator is set to run at: 480i, 720p, etc.


If a game doesn't fit within the chosen Xbox resolution, then squishing the game to fit via bilinear filtering is always an option. If the emulator saves per game settings, then setting one game to use bilinear filtering should have no effect on other games. The key here is that the user has the choice to use point filtering to sharpen the games that do fit. This is far more preferable over the current method which looks like the games are being played behind a layer of Vaseline.

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