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Nah, I speak English.


Yeah, I know the fram by frame method, but its screwing me around.


Basically, the only way for me to obtain the sprites for say Ryu doing his Hadouken is to do it myself in a Vs Mode fight (have no cheat files for the rom) and pause it. But this means I miss the first few frames of him standing and the transition of him moving his hands to his hips.


Thats the problem. It's the same with doing jumping attacks. If I do itmyself, I miss the frames of him jumping, and only get the ones when he's in the air.

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Important Note: After knowing how to rip sprites, you should study the Mugen docs folder on how to code your characters. There are thousands of states,triggers,etc. you need to know. Don't worry, most of 'em you can understand... ^_^


You can get advice from creators at the Mugenguild forum. :evil:

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