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  1. Nah, I speak English. Yeah, I know the fram by frame method, but its screwing me around. Basically, the only way for me to obtain the sprites for say Ryu doing his Hadouken is to do it myself in a Vs Mode fight (have no cheat files for the rom) and pause it. But this means I miss the first few frames of him standing and the transition of him moving his hands to his hips. Thats the problem. It's the same with doing jumping attacks. If I do itmyself, I miss the frames of him jumping, and only get the ones when he's in the air.
  2. Thanks, but I'm still stuck. I mean, I can take the screens and all, but how exactly do I take them from a standing position without using those capture programs. If you could run me through how you do it, or you've heard of doing it (Using Kawaks and a SF game such as Alpha) I'd very much appreciate it.
  3. Man, I've finally found someone who is willing to help so often. Anyway, I'm new to this area, and I too got confused by that Kawak Sprite Ripping method. I'm not too bothered on SNK characters right now, but I was wondering if you could give me some help on ripping Capcom characters from games such as Alpha 2 or something. I've added you to my MSN list (same name as I am using here) so hopefully you can give me some live help. I currently use Kawaks, but if you recommend other Emu's for better rips then please do let me know. I want to try and work with Mugen myself now (not that I have that much time until June due to some important exams) and also learn how to edit and create my own sprites (I saw your Morrigan one, that looks way cool).
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