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1TB hard drive


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10-15% increase with a 200% cost increase.......I don't get it one bit.


It costs me nothing, I already have 2 matched drives and anything I would be storing on them would be easily recoverable avi/mp3. I wouldn't go out and buy another drive just for the sake of RAID0 though.

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Mine runs fine and I got mine on sale for 99 bucks (usually 150 apparently) at fry's months back. I still haven't filled it up yet, but im getting close too.

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my 320gb internal and 120gb external are still pretty empty. I am constantly deleting stuff though. I don't keep movies I've DLed after I watch em or anything like that. my external keeps music and pictures backed up. everything else is expendable.

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i dont even need 30 GB. i ruined 3 hard drives (well my laptop did.)


1x20GB --- IBM Thinkpad ruined it

1x20GB --- Sony VAIO ruined it

1x30GB --- already half ruined Sony VAIO finished it off


and now, i have


1x80GB --- cheapest i could find at my local computer store


i used to have dreamcast, playstation, gb, gbc, gba, nes and snes roms on my last hard drive. after it became toast, i lost all but playstation, nes and snes roms. im too pissed of to play them. i just play nds roms on my cyclode evolution. it cost me almost 100 canadian dollars in the cyclo plus the 8GB microsdhc.


im thinking about backing up all of my important files.

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I finally caved, bought another hard drive. I didn't NEED it, as I tend to burn most things, but it was cheap so I figured what the hell.


I'm thinking to myself now, I'll never need all this space, but I was saying I wouldn't need more than 40GB only like 4 or 5 years ago.......yeah right.


Started dumping movies\TV shows back onto the drive for streaming on the Xbox's in other parts of the house. So much space.......I'm going to need to go on a download binge.


I need another case too, using one I swapped for a PC I gave a family member because I liked the sleek design of it. Bad choice, only has 3x3.5" bays. I had to remove my card reader to put this drive in.






Maybe I'll just get another case and go with 6 1TB drives lol

Might I suggest this case?


Personally, I hate cases with the swinging front bezel (made the mistake of getting one with my last case, Chieftec, thought it was cool at the time) but while this case does have a swinging front bezel (swings 270 degrees), it doesn't need to be opened for the optical drive bay. So you can lock it while still using the optical drive. :D


Plus, adjustable front vent with dual 120mm fans, side air duct, screwless design installation, left and front side panel filters, screwless lockable left-side panel, built-in accessory box, front top I/O panel.


Pretty cheap AND free shipping! Gotta love the free shipping. :shootem:


If I didn't want a case with a clear-side panel (got a Thermaltake M9, new rig built recently) I would've gone for this case I think.

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