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King of Fighters XII new gameplay mechanics!


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First the cast of characters in KoF XII:

  1. Andy Bogard
  2. Ash Crimson
  3. Athena Asamiya
  4. Benimaru Nikaido
  5. Clark Steel
  6. Chin Gentsai
  7. DuoLon
  8. Goro Daimon
  9. Iori Yagami
  10. Joe Higashi
  11. Kim Kaphwan
  12. Kyo Kusanagi
  13. Leona Heidern
  14. Raiden
  15. Ralf Jones
  16. Robert Garcia
  17. Ryo Sakazaki
  18. Shen Woo
  19. Sie Kensou
  20. Terry Bogard

There will be three new gameplay features in the system:


Critical Counter, Double Crush and Guard Attack.


KoF Online does the best job of explaining it so here is the link to the Critical Counter feature:


KOF XII: Critical Counter


The other two are explained briefly in the main page:


KOF XII’s Official Website & New Gameplay Systems


There you have it! New gameplay features and a small number of characters for a KoF game. What do you think? :unsure:

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seems great....but despite snk playmores hard work (or not, since they are finally drawing new sprites after all these years!) they decided not to keep K' (i do love Kensou in his original Psycho Soldier outfit though)


will it be tag team matches now? (since the only full teams of 3 i see are Original Team Japan, Fatal Fury Team, Ikari Soldiers and Psycho solder teams and perhaps the '03 new "hero" theme

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I'm not too clear on the new mechanics.I can't read the Japanese page too well.Is the Critical Counter a kind of parry.


It CAN be called a parry but I wouldn't call it that because unlike Third Strike's parrying system which MAY give the one parrying an advantage; the critical counter system guarantees an advantage for the one doing the critical counter because it not just stops the attack but it also STUNS the receiving character leaving him/her open for a critical counter combo.

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Yeah, KOF been whoring awesome chars ever since they started and their "rebirth" goes all da way back to da old school.

but man....they have been using thos sprites FOREVER!

Glad we updated, it looks a lil slower than the other games or it could be my head.

No Yamazaki....ouch....

Leona looks hot...

Athena looks adorable...

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The lack of characters seems to be uninteresting. Hopefully, the console version will see additional characters in it ala SFIV.


I doubt it unless you're prepared to wait YEARS for the console release.


This is an observation made on the site in the opening post up there:


Also, do not be surprised if there are no hidden characters at all and that these 20 characters are the ENTIRE list of playable characters, as SNK is keeping things small and simple this time, focusing on quality instead of quantity. This is understandable since redrawing one character by hand is taking them more than a year.


Everything is HAND DRAWN so it takes MUCH MORE TIME than the characters from SFIV since those are simply 3D polygons.

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Everything is HAND DRAWN so it takes MUCH MORE TIME than the characters from SFIV since those are simply 3D polygons.

Yes and no. Yes they are drawn, but no because they made 3D models of the characters first and drew over them using photoshop filters.

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