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  1. I'm not too clear on the new mechanics.I can't read the Japanese page too well.Is the Critical Counter a kind of parry.
  2. Thanks for the information.I like the classic 3 on 3, but what's up with that red flash when they hit each other.
  3. Holy smokes, that looks amazing.How many people are in this iteration?Maybe with less people they'll focus on balancing the game.It doesn't look like they added anything gameplay wise, it looks like the KoF games.I expecting KoF XII to play like Garou MoTW or at least some kind of new system, but I am not sure what they're doing.
  4. I only got to play it for about 10 hours total, I will probably buy it still, but as of right now i don't like as much as 3S.
  5. I know that it's cheaper, but they chose a graphical style that directly affects the game.They could have done 2D sprites, and had better animation, but the chose to make it 3D to attract all the people that haven't played a Street Fighter game since 2.The game all around feels like a step back, which IMO is bad.I just hope KoF XII doesn't let me down.
  6. You are right, but the animations in SFIV are still terrible, and much more noticeable.It's a shame how Capcom went from graphics of 3rd Strike to the garbage that's SFIV.If capcom had actually tried, who knows what might have happened.
  7. Japan actually prefers VF over Tekken,Tekken 6 is just new right now.Tekken is not deep enough to take seriously.I think Japan saw through Capcom's plan to repackage SSF2:T with new characters.Seriously,I played SFIV last month, and all I can say is that I was disappointed.I had always seen the videos, and hoped it wouldn't play like crap.The animation is choppy due to obvious fact they decide to use 3D polygons instead of sprites, but the nail in coffin for me was the fact it played like SSF2, which is IMO a bad thing.They had so much time to improve on 3rd Strike, but they didn't.Trust when I say this, if you were planning to buy this game at least play it first, I cannot stress this enough.
  8. Yeah it's in the same league with melty blood, which is IMO is a bad thing.It has a pretty good art direction, but the game just doesn't play that well.
  9. I tried to PM you, but your box was either full or not allowing messages.
  10. OK thanks for the heads up, is it possible for me to set mame to use monaural instead of stereo, and thanks for the jingle bells secret, I didn't know that.
  11. I got Outrunners to run fine, and I figured out the screen size issue.My problem is when the game starts up I get stereo, but when I begin to play, the right channel just disappears, and I only get sound out the left channel.I've tried all the sliders for sound, and all the sound options, but I still have the sound problem.Any input would be appreciated.Thanks in advanced.
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