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Quitting Masturbation (Elaboration Here)

Devia Eleven

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You know, honestly, I wish my natural heterosexual hormones were absent. I would love to be neutralsexual, (neither liking female or male), so I wouldn't have to constantly worry about performing sex at least once before I die. Yes, I know that is impossible, hence my masculinity, but sex would be less of a conundrum if it was completely erased from my brain.


I want to abolish sexual feeling, all of my porn can be respectfully deleted, all sexual pursuits will be terminated. Why spend weeks or even months to build a relationship with a female just to have sex? My cold and unmoved emotions comportment towards opposite sex relationships will prevent me from ever having sex. Let this virgin urinating stick rest in its grave without mention, or cowardice.

cut your balls off and become a monk.


Indeed .


Seriously, no. That wasn't what I was trying to say. Look, if you wanna talk more, find me on MSN or AIM, I'm sure I can help.

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Wait all i have to do is pee?

R u serious!?

HAs another secret to life been unlocked!??!?!?!


Yeah, good luck with taking a piss in that condition, it's not physically possible.

Maybe you got super boners that close off the urethra, but I can take a leak with a boner.


Extreme L0L!

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