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The transformer that needs to be in Transformer 2


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I want the Constructicons

also in transformers 2


I know but technically it's abit screwed since they used the names of Bonecrusher and Devestator already in the first one for a mine truck and tank (Bonecrusher was suppose to be a bulldozer and Devastator was suppose to be their gigantic group form).

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It could work out having the Dinobots in the film but Hollywood has no originality to back them up.




A prehistoric park full of fake mechanical robot dinosoarus that do nothing but headbang eat complete with an active tar pit while everything else is off that strangely looks exactly like the one that blew up in the movie Volcano.


5 metallic pods come flying down onto Earth towards said park.




Said pods scan exactly the fake mechanical robot dinosaurs that they respectfully represented in the toyline/cartoon/comics without any known knowledge of Earth history as to what these fake mechanical robot dinosaurs represent so that none of the said Autobots accidently turn into a transforming palm tree.




"Me Grimlock! Me Made In China!"


DINOBOTS STORM OFF INTO THE SUNRISE AS WE ALL KNOW A TRANSFORMER CAN'T ACQUIRE IT'S FORM IN DAYLIGHT AS IF THEY'RE METALLIC VAMPIRES. (the audience shall ASSUME/WE FAILED AT OUR JOB that Grimlock and the other Dinobots are the waterhead cousins of the other Autobots because of their broken language).



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