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The year is almost over.


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ITs easy to flatter the female physch, the trick is which physch are trying to flatter.

THey all work on the same basis, just depends on your preference. I had that prob in mid, I only get a lil flimsy with girls who act innocent(until i find out otherwise) cuz i dont wanna seem like a he then. But that right there is a clue that perfectly innocent girls arent for me. At work, I flirt on habit now with cute girls, Im not sure what'll do if its someone im like "OMG FUTURE WIFE" over comes along, but I'll just play the same cards but with a better poker face!


Maybe you should imagine her with a pair of balls to make it feel easier talking to chicks. lol j/k

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For me, it's just that i'm being too picky for what i have to offer. people tell me to lower my standard but flock that. yes i want a girlfriend but i'm not going to go with chicks that r throwing themselves at me or go with some fat chick, bleh

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Just talk to women like they are your mates. That's it, really.


Don't be too harsh on yourself for feeling nervous around women - 95% of males are like that.


Just be yourself, go with the flow, and if you get knocked back, don't take it personally.

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I had hoped to get a girlfriend but that didn't happen.


Snap! Though it was due in large part to my extremes of laziness and apathy. I think I wan't one but then when I get one it doesn't seem like such a good idea any more. From now on it's hookers all the way! :D

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It's mainly due to the ladies I am surrounded by. Either they are taken, super Christian, or ugly. I don't have much time to meet people outside of school either so that is a problem.


Oh well.

What's wrong with super christian!? ......................Hmmm.....Nevermore I think I've met one before.

I like to make pervy jokes and being a christian myself she kinda......terrorized my program with an awfully long and evil stare.

Those arent super Christians...nothing super bout them girlies..

I'll take a reg one please....hold the unions...

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What's wrong with super christian!?

A lot. They usually have no sense of humor. At least not one compatible with mine. And most importantly, they don't put out.


What's wrong with dating a Christian girl?

See above. There is this one girl in my class who won't date another because he is a Baptist and she is Catholic. I mean what the fuck. But most importantly they don't put out. But that's the ones in my class, not in general so I don't have a problem with all of them.


This year has the be the worst year of my life. Nothing and I mean NOTHING went right.

Same for me, dude.

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