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It just won’t die: Windows XP gets another six months


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I have no reason to upgrade to Vista. Xp has never given me a single problem that required more than just a simple fix. I've had limited experience with Vista, but if it is anything like Windoes ME, like you suggest Emsley, then I don't want to be anywhere near it. That was the worst os ever.

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I don't use any 1 click job AV editing software on Windows, so it's a non issue for me. AVIDemux is great on Linux, and does more than my favorite Windows app Virtualdub. I like to get my hands dirty, which is why I approve of Linux..........if you prefer to stay out of the proverbial "kitchen" then Linux is not for you.


If you look, you will find equivalent or better software in most cases.

The one thing I've found to be seriously lacking, are IM programs. Sure there are many, that support the major protocols, but they just plain suck! They're either lacking in the features department, but get the basic job done solidly........or the other way around.


I much much prefer to use the ground level tools if at all possible. VirtualDubMod has been a mainstay on my PC for years. But there are a hell of a lot of people who use more user-friendly stuff like ConvertXtoDVD and WinAVI. There just isn't any sort of equivalent on Linux. Nor for the likes of DVDLab or DVD Maestro etc, it is lacking somewhat.


I was going to mention IM apps too. When I used Linux it was one of the major annoyances for me, being a heavy IM user at the time, now it wouldn't bother me so much. That pretty much sums up Linux for a lot of people who are used to Windows; plenty of software alternatives, but they ultimately pale in comparison.

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Unless us, other folks just buy a new computer without checking up on the specs. So they deserve it. Vista even tells you on the box how much memory it uses. I'm not an expert but it's required to take a basic introduction to computer class in college. Or at least someone knows someone that knows a little about computers.

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Yeah but it's not the average Joe's responsibility, OEMs like Dell should have class action suits filed against them for selling hardware that doesn't meet the standards of an OS they provide on said hardware.


If I paid a premium for a computer that is just supposed to work, it better damn well work and not be gimped.


It's like buying a new car, with a used engine under the hood. Would that fly? Nope!

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vista doesn't hava a whole lot more interesting features than windows xp.

i mean, who cares if you have see through windows or a sidebar with a clock and a notepad on it. I have windows xp and vista. although windows xp is highly compromized, it is the best choice. vista is more of a "look i am cool. see what i can do" computer. xp is not as decorated, doesn't have the fancy settings and the fancy search thing but it works better than vita by far as an office computer. vista and xp both tend crash like drunk drivers if you load them with a whole bunch of rubbish applications and 60 gb of "media".

vista is like xp but with gold paint on it.


i do not recomend linux it sucks. it took forever to load and it took forever to take that s*** off. the only thing it is good for os the bottom of the compost bin. who has a compost bin anyway (only hippies use them [no offence])

and macs are just entertainment. except for games. and emulators.


anyway, windows is only crap if you mess around with all the settings.

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and what the hell are you people talking about???


oem?? what the hell is an oem. this post makes me feel like a rusty old honda car in a parking lot filled with non-rusty new honda cars.

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well i still use my old laptop (centrino dothen) till this post and i just upgrade to fast hard disk and two giga ram (to let my laptop be alife for anoter year or two without buying new laptop

and now Iam wating for w7 for my first laptop all in all upgrade

by the way long time no see gamecop, emsley, ME! and any other i forget it was nice to meet you a again guys

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The only thing I like about Vista is that I don't have to log in as admin to fix things on those pcs. I can just use my password when it asks for a install or mod. According to Microsoft if you have a Windows Vista you can downgrade to XP you just have to ask them for a key, you have to provide the media though. So tell your laptop friend to call MS and get XP for free.


XP is your best bet right now. Linux rocks but there are so many applications I can't replace with at work, I have no choice :(

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